Kixology Interviewed on BallEx

Kixology is a local blog featuring kicks of all shapes, sizes, brands, designs and everything in a local setting. So I always wanted to get an insight into the local kicks scene, and how a, uhmm, kicker, thinks. Well, here he is. He’s into his thing, he can write, and he’s local (which incidentally, are the key ingredients to a successful blog btw).

And so without further ado, I bring to you Martin of explaining to clueless me as to what the shoe scene is all about:

  • What’s UP?!

    What’s up? It’s been crazy, work’s been fun, and for all sneakerheads out there, All-Star Weekend just happened and that has always been a weekend people watch out for. This year, everybody’s gonna agree that Nate Krypot-Nate Flightposite Lites were the talk of the weekend. But otherwise, it’s been great.

  • I have no idea why people would want to spend the money they do shopping for kicks. Maybe I’ve gotten too practical or forgetful in my old age, and have forgotten the feeling. Would you care to remind me how exciting it is to find special shoes?

    You’re right. I too do not understand why people would spend over 5 grand for sneakers they plan to wear once in a while and not get the full value by wearing them all the time. But there’re a lot of philosophies surrounding the sneaker biz and how collectors/sneakerheads approach the addiction. Some think of it as an investment. Some sneakers can go up to 20k-50k depending on how rare they get. Real sneakerheads just love “breaking necks”- when people stare at the kicks you have on, it’s a great feeling. To me, it’s really that gets my blood running. It’s not about being better than everyone, but you hold a piece of art, a piece that only a select few can have. The sneaker scene in the Philippines is slowly growing and people are slowly appreciating the work put into each and every pair. The thrill for me of finding a nice pair is that it’s actually available here. You read about pairs on the net and you know the story behind it. Then you come across the pair, fabulous.

    Some sneakerheads can trace this excitement or love due to the nostalgia tied to it. The past few years have been all about retros and people remember fond memories wearing the same pair from years past. Some buy the pairs they couldn’t afford when they were young. I started my love for sneakers that way. It grew to more than that when they started coming out with all sorts of different pairs/colorways of the same silhouette. It intrigued me, got me to read about them and see what the fuss is all about. Once you understand why, you appreciate it some more. Thus leading sneakerheads like me to enjoy what’s on my feet and the necks broken by it.

  • What would constitute a ‘special’ pair to you? Was it always special or did this evolve over time?

    Hmmmm. This is a tough one. A special pair can be a lot of things to a lot of people. For me, it would definitely be what memories are tied to them. Off the bat, I would say Jordans (Jordan III to be exact). That’s when I started my love for basketball and for sneakers. MJ was changing the game and his sneakers also played a part. My cousins and siblings loved Larry and Magic and I had to have my own idol and for me it was Michael. He represented something fresh and his sneakers were a true testament to what he brought to the game. But I love all my kicks. They all represent a moment in my life that’s filled with all sorts of memories.

  • It’s time to ask you what comprises your current collection. Do each have stories behind them? Could you point out the highlights?

    My collection is mostly made up of the following brands: Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Onitsuka Tiger. I would have a couple here and there from other brands such as New Balance, Reebok, and Converse. Stories, there are many, but let me point out a couple. I got my Bicycle Pack Dunks- that was my first foray into ordering sneakers online. I’ve ordered a couple more after that. I also have these Koi Tigers. Pretty rare and have yet to see them here in the Philippines. There’s also the O-Store from the A-ZX series from last year. Only 6 pairs were brought to the Philippines. If you want some nostalgic stories, there are some too. Like my first Shox R4s. I was diagnosed with Cancer about 10 years ago and on the road to recovery, my doctor advised me to do more walking and be careful when getting into contact sports. I justified buying them so as to protect my system with some engineered kicks. Yeah, it does sound like a bunch of bull. But that bunch of bull worked.

  • After asking this, do I make you a.) shy considering it might be considered excessive granted there’s a recession and all b.) proud because you worked hard to collect these c.) a little of both d.) couldn’t care less?

    I’d say both. In this day and age, this would be a lot. Heck, even my parents think it’s too much. But you’re right; I worked hard to buy all of them. I’m not at all a collector. I collect, but I do use them. Some people just buy it for the heck of it. I make it a point to wear each and every one at least once a month. Sure, there are favorites but I make sure that they get some shine at one point in time. Of course there are some pairs I never get to wear, but those pairs have had their fun in the sun.

  • You speak like a true collector. I won’t be surprised if you collected other stuff?

    I don’t like to be considered a hard core collector. But I do collect some other stuff too- SLAM Magazines, DVDs and Vinyl figures. I’m not at the same level as the Fresh Manila guys (for the vinyl figures) or anything, but I just buy what I like. But first and foremost it’s sneakers.

  • In the hierarchy of sneaker collectors ranging from ‘truly obsessed’ to ‘small time’, where do you rank yourself?

    I’m a small time collector. Most of my shoes are from bargain bins and outlet stores or discounts from the big brands. It’s really more of the thrill of finding a nice pair at a good price. It’s rare that I go out and purchase pairs over a considerable amount of money. The number of sneakers I have just makes it sound like I have spent hundreds of thousands on them. But I haven’t.

  • Could you point me out to some other sites / bloggers sneakerheads frequent?

    The usual sites people check out are,,, Those are my go to sites. There are more out there, depending on what you want to do- whether you want to buy a pair or just learn about it.

Thanks again to Martin again for gracing the virtual pages of BallEx. Now here’s his RSS feed, which you readers should subscribe to if you’ve any hope of becoming as nearly cool as he.