What The.. (updated)

I thought it was hard to get me to crack up over Shaq’s antics anymore. Then, I see this:


We hardly see any Phoenix games in these parts, which is why I’m belatedly reacting to the Big Clown. We fans may enjoy talking about how washed up we think he is and how dominating he was back in the day. But you see him having fun and for some odd reason it doesn’t really matter as much, because we hella enjoying ourselves anyway.

Sure it ain’t basketball, but who’s complaining.

Oh and btw, I caught you looking at that hot DJ at 1:09! Yes I did (cause I did too)!

She’s none other than DJ Sky Nellor, one of two very hot DJs working the All Star Game along with DJ Beverly Bond. Go ahead and ogle at them via their websites (cause I did too)!

UPDATE: Here’s the Shaqtus’ All-Star Memories. Check out when he was a young ‘un in his early All-Stars, when the world was still coming to grasp with a 7’1 301 lb. force of nature that had moves:

Heck I still can’t get over how such an enormous dude can move that way. If he can only hold off the cheeseburgers and doughnuts I don’t doubt he can still be the Shaq of old and win another ring. Until then I doubt it can happen, but at least he looks like he’s having fun.