Finally Some Tracy (updated)

Finally some McGrady

Tracy, otherwise known as Knee-Mac, has been questioned as of late as per his willingness, no rather, desire to play with any semblance of fire, as manifested in this pitiful attempt at a defensive stance against a driving Jamario Moon (wait till 1:36 to see it).

In said game between Raptors and Rockets last Jan. 02, 2009, Tracy, as the announcers recall, ‘wasn’t even there’, and proceeded to lambast him. To be frank, the announcers were rather lean, imho as I was thoroughly disgusted beyond words. Standing around while letting a young ‘un just waltz in and dunk on you without attempting to deter his progress is just mind-boggling, especially when an All-Star like himself is involved. I say, strip him of his shoe deal. Strip him of the ‘All-Star’ tag. Just take him out of there, because no All-Star I know would do that and conversely, a thousand guys is waiting in the wings to take up the space, all of whom will play D. All of whom would rather get a knee in the face than let someone waltz in and dunk on you. No sirree.

In any case, Tracy looked good in the first video. Everyone who reads this blog (all 3 of you), knows I’m a Tracy guy, so he gets a world of slack on this blog. But if he doesn’t put up around 10 more of those soon, while at the same time put the Rockets in a position to end up somewhere good this year, I dunno man.

UPDATE: Not a good sign:

And it’s official, he’s out for the year. Tracy is near the end of his career now. That injury has nagged him over and over for years and it keeps calling him back. Fortunately for Houston fans, Yao and Artest aren’t just bending over, as in this Feb. 26th NBA Highlight update, where Artest shows up the King himself.

..and Yao ming is putting up decent 19.8 ppg and 9.60 rpg numbers.

I think I’ll go with this team going the 1st round and then.. I dunno. I’ve yet to watch them, but their future at the moment lies in whether they can gel together well and absorb the fact that Tracy’s not gonna be around anymore this year.

Aww Tracy. Another year of rehab for you. I know he’s a superstar and I know these guys get the best treatments and everything, but at the back of my mind I can’t remove the nagging thought that maybe he didn’t push himself hard enough, that maybe he took it easy. I know I’m on the edge of being a hater here, and an unfounded one at that, given I don’t really know. But still, I wanna see some effort here. Some gusto, some fire. T-Mac’s the single most talented player out there who’s equal to Kobe’s talent level, but yet again he’s out for the year via injuries that (and I’m afraid to say this) look as if they could’ve been avoided if he had rehabbed it out.

Guess we’ll have to wait next year again.