Nike's All-Star Lineup

Herewith is your guide to what your favorite NBA Stars are wearing for the All-Star Weekend.

We start out with above for who else? Kobe Bryant, with his signature Nike Zoom Kobe IV. The rather simplistic design and ordinary colors contrive to make it my personal favorite of the bunch. Call me old – school, but I like it.

Next up is LeBron James with the Nike Zoom LeBron VI.

Followed by the Nike Air Max Spot Up for Dirk Nowitzki.

and Nike Huarache 09 for Tony Parker.

here’s a blue one of the same make and model just in case Parker decides to switch teams midstream (I don’t get why there’s an East and West of the same shoe either).

Anyway, here is further information re their shoewear: LeBron James and Kobe Bryant will wear special make-ups of their respective signature shoes this weekend; Tony Parker will wear the new Nike Huarache 09, the first Nike Considered Design basketball shoe; Rashard Lewis and Pau Gasol will wear the revolutionary Nike Hyperdunk; David West and Amare Stoudemire will wear the Nike Foamposite Lite; Brandon Roy and Danny Granger will wear the Nike Zoom Phenom; Paul Pierce will wear the Nike Air Max P2 V; and Dirk Nowitzki will wear the Nike Air Max Spot Up.

And finally, the complete list of all the Nike players’ kicks for said annual event:

LeBron James: Nike Zoom LeBron VI
Danny Granger: Nike Zoom Phenom
Paul Pierce: Nike Air Max P2 V
Rashard Lewis: Nike Hyperdunk

Kobe Bryant: Nike Zoom Kobe IV
Amare Stoudemire: Nike Foamposite Lite
Dirk Nowitzki: Nike Air Max Spot Up
Brandon Roy: Nike Zoom Phenom
Pau Gasol: Nike Hyperdunk
Tony Parker: Nike Huarache 09
David West: Nike Foamposite Lite


Above list is as far as Nike is concerned, of course. Everyone else is wearing something else, which shall not be published on this site for the simple reason that they didn’t get in touch with me. Hence, Nike rules.