NBA Top Ten Jan. 26, 2009

Many things to talk about today, but I’m going with the video first, of the NBA’s TV Top 10 for Jan. 26th. Let’s get this party started!

#10 – I’m more surprised Carl Landry gets on the NBA Top 10. Ho-hum.
#9 – Now we’re talkin’. Rudy Fernandez with an amazing loft pass to LaMarcus Aldridge for the easy slam. Fernandez, as we all know now, is involved in the NBA All – Star Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, which I’m surprised at given his only claim to fame, at least from what I know, is this:

Everybody remember that? While that one was awesome, the ensuing video of his thank you to fans for voting him features so-so dunks at best:

Yep, Borat’s gonna join the Slam Dunk Contest. Should be interesting. Anyway, back to the countdown.

#8 – CP3 with yet another of those miracle shots he does on a regular basis, so I’m going with ho-hum yet again on this one. More like a textbook how-to-get-an-and-one call more than anything, except this one actually went in.
#7 – Udonis Haslem doesn’t deserve to get on the Top 10 with this one. First, he’s playing help D (meaning the first line of D softened up the offensive player for him), and Josh Smith has no business throwing up a lame shot like that. Shots like that SHOULD be blocked. It is but righteous.
#6 – Russell Westbrook with the ‘rookie rim rocker’. Good one, short and sweet.
#5 – Wade 1 on 5 layup against the whole Atlanta D. Please stay healthy until the homestretch Dwayne. I know Miami is relying on you 99% of the time now, but hang in there, please.
#4 – Brandon Roy with WHAT SHOULD BE #1. That’s right. Did you see how slooooowwwwly the guy he got dunked on got up? Did you notice none of his teammates even helped him? That’s another Top 10 right there.
#3 – Nate Chandler dunks, and gets immediately hugged by Tim Thomas, ruining his top ten clip. Nothing but a little man – love to take away from your moment. Thanks Tim!
#2 – Fernandez with pass to some guy for the slam on a break. Can’t we have Fernandez at least dunking? I mean, he’s joined the contest, right?
#1 – Finally, CP3 again with one of his typical, everyday, bump-me-then-I-shoot moves. I dunno if he gets #1 on the Top Ten because he was 3 assists short of a quadruple double (wow) or because that move is #1 material. I’d go for the latter. Brandon Roy (#3 above), shoulda gotten this one. #1 was his.