I Told You So


Tonight, Macmac Cardona topscored for Talk N’ Text with 34 points. A scintillating performance assuring a Finals berth for the Phonepals against Alaska, whose game against Sta. Lucia just concluded as I write this.

Not only was this a terribly exciting game featuring a shootout between San Miguel star Danny Siegle and him, both teams had 4 players scoring in double figures, with Jimmy Alapag contributing 27 and previous game hotshot Jared Dillinger pouring in 14 as well.

Oh and it was an overtime win, with the score ending at 111-111 at end of regulation, after which both teams fought tooth and nail with the Phonepals finally prevailing by a single point, 116-115.

Hmm.. what else.

Oh yeah.

Said game and amazing performance by Captain Hook, in light of the fact he continues to NOT be a consideration for the National Team (even as a reserve), also brings opportunity for me to say this:


Ok ok, yes I agree that the Coach’s roster decision is final. Sacred even. Heck, if I were coaching the National Team, I’d not want my decisions to be questioned either. If Guiao thinks he can win the Olympics with the players he chose, then that’s it, and no second – guessing basketball blogger who likes to think he knows more than he does can question it, no matter how handsome he is.

Then again… did you see how Macmac won this one? And let there be no question. He WON that one. He was booed, and the haters showed no mercy. Note to Macmac haters: That’s like pouring 97 octane premium fuel to a fire. If you don’t want the guy to heat up, CHEER him. Try it sometime.

Anyway, to state the obvious, Cardona supporters are bolstered even more so after tonight. However, no, I don’t think Guiao’s choice will change, and frankly I’d start questioning his resolve if he does. It’s just.. thinking about how he won that, I can’t help but shake my head and say.. Daaaaayum!

Oh and Alaska won over Sta. Lucia later in the evening. Which is really not much of a footnote to this post, except for this sequence I remember at the end where Paolo Mendoza could’ve gotten the score just a little bit closer as he went to the foul line in the dying seconds. The intention was to shoot the first, miss the 2nd, grab the reb and try for a 3. Instead (and you couldn’t write a worse output if you tried), he missed the first, tried to miss the 2nd by just throwing it at the backboard, and it still went in! Amazing! He couldn’t shoot when he tried, and then couldn’t miss when he tried either! I mean I love the guy, I really do, but that’s another Dayyyum right there.