LeBron's Insurance Commercial Is Annoying and He's Got New Shoes

Yes I know one’s got nothing to do with another.

But see, LeBron’s new commercial was released today. I patiently waited for this (and mistakenly assumed to be about new kicks), but turns out it be from his insurance company sponsor, which doesn’t even have an office here and so I will therefore not link to it. Besides, it’s about football, and judging from the reaction on YouTube, everybody’s annoyed they’ve been taken for a ride. And we all know how YouTube commenters are such an educated and sophisticated lot, so trust me, it is getting what it deserved. And I don’t even wanna know what the Knicks fans have to say about that. Tsk tsk, not a good thing to piss those off.

So what do I do? Why, show you his new kicks, that’s what!


These are special colorway Zoom LeBron VI, aka ‘Chalk’, and if you can’t figure out why they’re called that then you don’t watch Cleveland games, or at least from the very start. He wore these last Christmas Day and has, and I quote the press release here: “a wood finish at the midsole inspired by the hardwood floor in Quicken Loans Arena. Furthermore, the silhouette of his signature ‘chalk pose’ is featured in the tongue of the shoe while the overlay carries chalk graphic.”


Anyway this special shoe was launched yesterday at Nike Park Bonifacio High Street at exactly 12:30pm. It’s supposed to be in commemoration of LeBron’s birthday, which was last December 30.

Yes, like you dear reader, I do not see the connection there. But hey, I just wanted to make my sponsor happy. So there.

Shoe costs P7,495.