Two 'whut!??'s, One 'wow!', and a Big Happy New Year!

We start off the year right with some NBA dickery I just happened to watch the past few days. First off here’s KG waving his arms around like crazy in the Celts – Blazers game yesterday, trying to get the referees to realize the fact that the Blazers had 6 players on the court.

To add insult to injury, they counted that basket. This therefore is the sort of thing that makes you shake your head and go ‘whut!??’.

This next one isn’t as much of a doozy as above, but I’ve never seen it happen either. In the 76ers – Jazz game last 29th, Kyle Korver fouls Reggie Evans on a rebound play. Evans gives him an encouraging (or whatever) tap on the behind, Korver couldn’t care less and appears to be on his way back, Evans gets called for a TF, Korver turns around to sink freethrows, and I go ‘whut!??’

And now for my ‘Wow’, and for this we go back to the Celtics – Blazers game. I was looking forward to the chance to see the red – hot Brandon Roy, but he was a DNP due to an injury. Never the mind, Travis Outlaw decided to put on a show anyway, with an in your face on KG.

Or rather a double in your face, as technically he dunks on both KG and Paul Pierce. Check out how the Rose Garden celebrates after their win (yes they beat the Celtics 91-86), guaranteeing the Celtics new year won’t be totally happy.

So anyway while on the subject of 2009, here’s me wishing all you losers who spend way too much time thinking of / playing and watching basketball a big ‘ol Happy New Year!

We’ve still got a little bit of a stretch before going back to work what with tomorrow being a Holiday and all, so be sure to spend the time re – appreciating the ol’ family and friends. Just lay off the firecrackers + driving too fast + Karaoke + My Way + too much alcohol combination or any variation of those and we’ll all be fine.