This Week's NBA Highlights 2nd week of Dec. '08

Dec. 14 NBA highlights started out with pretty standard stuff, with the Hornets beat out the Raptors 99-91. Posey had 5 threes in the 1st half, further feeding the ‘Celtics might not win because they lost him‘ train of thought from the armchair analysts out there.

It really picks up at :37 though, when D-Wade…, well, watch the video first:

..crosses out OJ Mayo’s ankles so badly he’s flying way out of the screen and even takes out a teammate. Hmm hmm hmm.

‘Course, that means nothing considering, Memphis went on to beat Miami 102-86, a 16 point deficiency ftg. 4 double digit performances from Arthur, Rudy Gay, M. Conley and OJ Mayo with 28 pts.

The Oklahoma Thunder (yes there is such a team) actually got some attention, giving the Spurs a scare by being 2 pts behind, 29 seconds to go. Unfortunately no one covered a streaking Manu at 1:42 after a baseline Tim Duncan inbound, and he promptly scores on an and one, leading me to check the NBA Standings at Yahoo! to confirm that, yep, the Oklahoma Thunder (yes there is such a team), is the NBA’s most woeful-est worst at 2-23.

Finally at 2:15, Minnesota got their behinds handed to them not just by any team, but by what is currently the Western Conference’s best, the LA Lakers. There isn’t much of a spin I can put to this 98-86 win, other than a note to say how Al Jefferson has been playing well as of late with 20pts, 13rebs. and averaging 21.8, 10.3. All-star numbers? Well, we’ll see in Jan.

In the meantime, it’s back to work for this cubicle warrior. I’ve an idea re a post about ESPN schedules (which I’ve uploaded on our ’20 next basketball events schedule on the right), which I hope to up by end of week. Later losers.

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