A Note About PBA Notes

One of the most popular features on BallEx happens to be PBA Notes, which is basically a cut and paste affair from a mailing list I’m subscribed to run by the PBA office. Unlike what some idiot implicated a few months ago, I do not claim to author these. Instead I upload them using WordPress’ handy Blog By Email feature which allows me to literally cut and paste it to an email address which forwards it to this blog and it gets published automatically. That way it gets published quickly, I do not have to log in, etc., and PBA fans who read this blog instantly get their PBA fix via scores and updates.

Unfortunately when I do that, WordPress prints the author of the post as myself, which I did not care to correct since, obviously, I’m just reprinting scores and updates from the PBA – stuff that no one cares to ‘plagiarize’ because that’s all public information the PBA wants to disseminate anyway. And besides, what would I gain from claiming ownership of PBA scores? I’m sure you’d agree being accused of stealing them is just brazen stupidity right there.

So anyway, I just wanted to talk about this because I wanted to point out two things.

ONE: the real author and compiler of these posts is a man named Fidel M (I am not posting his complete name here in case he has issues with that). He is obviously in the employ of the PBA, probably as a statistician, and By God the man is brilliant.

Within 10 minutes after the end of every game, he emails the complete scores. As if that is not enough, he sometimes sends in halftime or even quarter scores. But most of all, he submits posts like this and this, which if you do not care to click, are Trivia posts that list things like Player Career Highs, Career Lows, Team Records, etc. etc. Again these are sent an hour at most after a game, and by GOD they are complete.

If you are a die – hard PBA statistics fan (which I suspect he is), then there is no other man you need to meet than Mr. Fidel M. He can deliver info that makes me want to do further programming on this site to accomodate his vast knowledge. He knows his sh*t. He . Is . Da . Man.

And TWO: Having said that, imagine my surprise then, when yesterday, I received this:

interview with coach jong – we reli get lucky dat we r stil in striking dstance s top sana we can sustain the game we r playing hopefully wen we get complete it wil be in tym for d next round guys r doing the best dey can, filing their roles, everybody is contributing to the teams cause in their own litle way, its gud we won today coz we r playing bak2bak games… hopefully the game after friday (jayjay) makakabalik sya… may caguioa pa kayo? malaking bagay si caguioa we r talking about at least 15 pts from mark, we r trying to find ways to score, at least kung nandyan si jayjay at si mark, may 30 pts ka… after christmas, may balita na kami (mark) from steve lombardo, yung doctor ng lakers… si sunday? if shooters miss, after he made 2 in a row…

Which I react to like this: FTW?!?!

Here is a screencap of said email:

Maybe saying this is a sign I’m getting old, but I hate textspeak. Whenever I see or hear it I wonder: Is the person trying to be cute? FAIL. Is the person trying to communicate effectively (ie. Gusto ba niyang malinaw ang pagkakaintindi sa kanya?) FAIL. When texting, is it easier? FAIL – the t9 dictionary is far easier than textspeak imho.

And in this context: Is the reporter (this is a news report), hoping that we in the mailing list will appreciate it, let alone publish it? Absolutely FAIL, except in this case, where I am showing it as an abnormality as opposed to a regular news report.

I don’t think I even finished reading two sentences of it. I just can’t. It’s just too idiotic, and is a true insult to anyone’s intelligence.

Please Fidel M., let that not be you.