Is Marbury to blame for feud with Knicks?

I don’t get this feud between Stephon Marbury and the New York Knicks. When Mike D’Antoni became the Knicks head coach, Marbury was removed from the rotation. No small wonder, since Starbury plays like a cancerous leech whose only priority are individual stats.

It was Chris Duhon, formerly from the Chicago Bulls, who won the starting point guard duties. Knicks management said Marbury would not be traded, released, or waived—most likely because of his eye-popping $21-million salary this year.

The Knicks management said Marbury isn’t part of the team. D’Antoni said Marbury is not part of his plans. Obviously, the front office and the coach don’t want Starbury in the Knicks. When the lineup became terribly depleted, D’Antoni suddenly gives Marbury the option to play.

Naturally, Marbury didn’t want to play because he can see the obvious (i.e. that the Knicks and the coach don’t want him in the team), and that he was merely given the option to play. Since Marbury isn’t part of the Knicks’ plans, why is this entire hullabaloo Marbury’s fault?

This doesn’t change the fact that Marbury is a world-class ass, but given the situation, I don’t think we can fully blame Starbury. If D’Antoni ordered Marbury to play, it would have been a different story. For $21 million, I’d clean D’Antoni’s toilets even while it’s being used—if he orders me to.

However, even if I feel that Marbury isn’t completely guilty, I believe this is the end of his NBA career. No coach or team would be nutters enough to get him after this fiasco (*cough Isaiah Rider cough*).

Starbury should’ve shut his trap (which he initially did), then performed like an all-star when D’Antoni gave him the option to play. If that scenario played out, Starbury might have been able to shed his pariah reputation and gain the chance to play in other NBA teams.