If I Had Grant Hill With Me (Back In Orlando), Who Knows?

Don’t you hate it when it’s a Monday and you gotta get work done but you just stumble onto an interesting interview of T-Mac? (warning, it’s 13 minutes long so wait till lunchbreak or when the boss goes to meeting before seeing this).

It’s not that I’m a fan or anything, and I really had no expectations, but I just gotta say Stephen Smith is da man, and he brought his game on this one.

Well, ok the sound is lousy. Smith’s voice is too loud and the interviewees’ usually too soft (and consistently so, judging from other interviews), and Smith has a tendency to reach with questions like ‘what do you think of what people think of you / what people said of you..‘, which imho for the most part really isn’t important because people talk whatever you do anyway.

But Tracy brought on memories of the heartbreaking Rockets – Jazz Game 7 last year plus some insight into a Playoffs period when, to emphasize how they shouldn’t have even been there, he said ‘those guys I played with probably aren’t even in the league anymore‘, which needs to be researched but alas, I’ve other things to do.

Then of course, the reference to the title of this post, when he waxed sentimental about how things may have been different if he had the then injury – plagued G. Hill with him back when he was a Magic.

Sigh. Dang how work gets in the way. So when was that year Houston got in the playoffs and now the players he was with aren’t in the league anymore?

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