Nash Can Swim With Sharks Because He Swims Faster (So it's not a big deal)

Let me introduce you guys to a word called ‘sarcasm’. First, here’s Steve Nash’s video for Vitamin Water, a brand that has yet to reach our shores, which is good, because I can write about it freely.

Anyway, here’s the full video, where Nash goes Zoolander on us:

It is a brilliant ad, gathering steam around the ‘net as we speak, where the normally humble Nash talks as if he’s full of himself. This makes it all the more funny because we know it to be his opposite when he compares himself to superstars and takes pics that reek of self – love, such as this:

Which I’m pasting here because it reminded me of this:

I’m just sayin’.

Anyway, here’s another video of Nash in the same vein but even funnier.

And here’s another. I just gotta say, since the Kobe ad of a few months ago and others in between this advertising via viral video thing has gone crazy. I say bring it on until the next craze comes because this stuff is fun.