Say It Isn't So

In Oh My God news today, Isiah Thomas was reportedly taken to the hospital for ODing on sleeping pills. Frankly, reports are still sketchy, with some reporting just an ambulance going there and some declaring it an all out collapse. It’s obvious however that things are not ok in Isiah land (and it hasn’t been for a long time I imagine).

Now being a Knicks fan I’ve written about Isiah many many times, and usually in a less than positive note. I’ve even assumed, wrongly of course, that Knicks management would get their heads on eventually and kick him out and even bet my blogging on it. My attempts to stop till he got fired went pffft of course, when I realized I just liked doing this too much.

At any rate, this isn’t about myself. It’s about Isiah Thomas.

And what I wanna say about / to Isiah is this: Whatever it is that he’s done, however low things have seemingly become, it’s not so bad as to take that route. I know things aren’t even sure yet as to what really happened, but here I am saying it anyway. Dude, please make an effort and please keep it together. We all love sports and especially so when guys get back on their feet after a fall. There are very few people in the world who can boast that ability and one of them is the Great Isiah Thomas.

Again, I may be wrong and all that going on may hopefully have nothing to do with Isiah at all. They haven’t confirmed who the mysterious ’47 year old man’ is after all. This may even be one of those times the press has blown things out of proportion to sell paper. If in that case, that’s cool. Let’s all get it over and go back to enjoying the game.

But otherwise, I don’t even wanna think how wrong it’d be if something were to happen to the man. It’s just not right for him to go in any other way than how we remember him, albeit after meeting with one or two hiccups along the way. Isiah is one of the greatest players, athletes and ambassadors of the sport. He is a hero to many, including me.

It’s hard writing this so I’ll just stop right here. I just hope everything is ok.

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