You Want Dunks You Say?

I’ve got an Oh My God What A (Pre-Season) Dunk Moment. 3 of them in fact. So let’s get this party started:

That’s Jordan Farmar to Trevor Ariza for the bounce – on – the – backboard – and – git – out – da – wayJason – Kapono – slaaaammm.

So three things here: A. Farmar’s supreme confidence in his teammate (and who doesn’t know what Ariza can do?) B. Jason Kapono’s complete inclusion into Trevor’s YouTube clip (instead of poster. Who buys posters anymore?) and finally, C. Ariza reminds me of Dominique. Not really important, just wanted to say that.

Next: Kenyon Dooling with a waaay too high a pass to Sean Williams. But does it matter? DOES IT MATTER?!?

And finally, my favorite so far. Kevin Martin with a big one, crossing Rudy Fernandez and into Greg Oden‘s face, two – handed style!

I love halfcourt dunks. AND Martin won a bet against Mikki Moore at that, when they put $1,000.00 on the line as to who dunks on Oden first. As if that wasn’t special enough, it’s now extra special.