'(If you ) Stay Ready You Ain't Gotta Get Ready'

Here’s another commercial again with some acting from KG, this time with Billups.

Other than the two, star studded cast is composed of Tim Duncan, Dwight Howard, Tracy McGrady, Jordan Farmar, Josh Smith, Sebastien Telfair and other Adidas stars. Pity cause I couldn’t see McGrady, Smith or Telfair in there.

Only prob with this commercial is that it’s just too unrealistic for me. Basically what it’s supposed to be is a pick up game which just happens to feature some of the biggest players in the planet. First of all these guys don’t play pick up – I know that for a fact because McGrady himself told me once (yes he did) that in order to develop your game, you shouldn’t play pickup but work on drills instead.

Secondly, if KG were to organize a game, he’d do so with at least one Boston buddy, right? And finally when they do? It turns into a dunkathon, with no defense whatsoever. In my experience pickup games result in at least one near fight, due to non calls or such.

Anyway I’m being an ass here. Just enjoy the commercial.