ADMU – DLSU. Time To Get Retarded.

It’s hard to write about the Finals.

First of all, I know I’m always gonna be biased. Someone just asked me how I thought it would turn out made me realize that when he predicted ADMU would sweep it. I thought to myself, nah, it’d probably go up to 3 games. But then followed by another thought: “If I didn’t root for DLSU, would I still feel the same?

ADMU has everything going for it. It has a powerful lineup from position 1 to 5, and even its second unit can match up to most teams’ first. But then, how can I possibly count DLSU out just like that? Last year, I gave them no chance, and they absolutely destroyed UE, a team that couldn’t lose and didn’t except in the Championships.

Yes, they don’t have anyone to body up against Hussaini, yes I think Jvee is overworked and no I haven’t found anything particularly impressive with this year’s team. But still, Franz Pumaren is Franz Pumaren, the winningest coach anywhere. He knows how to motivate and mold a so-so team into a winner and if there was anyone who could pull it off, he’s the man.

So will I stick by my 3 games? Will I even assume I’d know what would happen?

Hell no.

This year I’m gonna wuss up the levelheaded, sapient stuff and just shut my trap and watch. I wish I had the confidence (and I usually do) to make predictions, but since we’ve established that I’ll never give ADMU 2-0 I’ve obviously thrown impartiality out the window. So in other words, I’m not gonna analyze or try to do anything even remotely rational or analytical this year, and just let myself regress into a green blooded, die hard fan.

Much more fun that way.

And oh, GO LA SALLE.

2 thoughts on “ADMU – DLSU. Time To Get Retarded.”

  1. so true … so true….

    Much as I would like to confidently say ADMU 2-0, I’ll just watch and let it happen…..

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