Hyperdunks Bring On the Awesome

By now, everyone on the planet who’s ever shot a ball in a hoop has got to have heard of Hyperdunks. Now, I consider myself pretty much the average Joe (or ‘Jose’ since I’m Pinoy) when it comes to sneaker – love. I mean, I like them and all, but they cost serious $$$, and I’m old now, so I thought I’m pretty much past that stage, right?

Right. Until I went to a Nike Event last August 9, and saw the Hyperdunk Wall:

No, they don’t really call it the ‘Hyperdunk Wall’. I just gave it that name, and it really just took my breath away. For a moment there, I was in my teens again, screaming MAAAN check out those KICKSSSS!*

The event was in support of this year’s US Dream Team, called ‘The Commitment’, an exhibit featuring pics and memorabilia from all the US Olympic Basketball Teams.

The jerseys below were awesome enough. The heroes of my youth: Malone, Payton, Pippen, Stockton, Miller, etc. etc., they were all there.

Underneath the stairs were could – only – be – seen – here candid pictures of the current US Team in training.

And I was not alone in awe of that wall and the event as well. Here’s Ryan Arana holding up his choice.

The idiot me completely forgot to bring my camera, which ranks as the dumbest thing I’ve done to date, as it was absolutely packed with ballers both pro and amateur (the pics here are from the super gracious friends at Nike’s PR firm). I was shoulder to shoulder in the small exhibit room with people like Norman Black and his players Al Hussaini (or rather, my shoulder to their hips. They’re huge.), Vincent Baldos, Magnum Membrere, etc. There was even a Raymund Marasigan sighting. E-Heads forever!

DLSU was also in force, with MacMac Cardona, Simon Atkins (he looks ok), Arana, Rico Maierhofer and PJ Walsham as well as pros Jimmy Alapag, Kelly Williams, and many many other towering gentlemen whom I’m sure I just was just unable to recognize.

At any rate, we all, ballers and fans alike, kept gravitating toward that wall of shoes. At one point I was ogling one up while Cardona was at my left and Williams was on my right. I’d pick it up, check it out. Put it back. Cardona would pick it up, check it out, put it back. Williams would pick it up, check it out, put it back. At that point, someone else would show up, do the same. Kids in a candy store, we were.

The event was hosted by Jinno Rufino, seen here with Boom Gonzalez and Dominic Uy – proof positive that inspite of being TV personalities, will still goof off for a camera.

Host Jinno Rufino with Nike Country Marketing Manager Mae Dichupa and Nike Management, whom will hopefully find it worthwhile to keep inviting starstruck ballers like me.

Here’s how it looks more or less packed.

And here’s a pic from the outside. It’s at the Bonifacio High Street Parking Lot, right beside (behind?) Friday’s.

‘The Commitment,’ exhibit is open to the public and will be up from August 10 to 24, 2008 from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. To kick off this celebration, a special live viewing of Team USA’s first basketball match against China was held, courtesy of Basketball TV (BTV).

I’ll be going there again tomorrow to take better pics of the shoes. That means I’ll be posting about it again, which is good, since it really deserves more than one post. Besides, I’ve an announcement to make re Basketball TV (BTV)’s Olympic coverage as well. Stay tuned for that.

* – incidentally, not all those Hyperdunks are for sale here. As they said, “Some designs are just for display since they won’t be available in the Philippines”. Aww shucks. Those that are however, cost P6,249.00.