Pinoy Sports Blogs and Focusing On What's Important

Just wanted to give a big shoutout to friend and business associate Neva for firing off Admiralpye Plays, her brand new sports blog featuring an old love of mine, Tennis!

This joins a few other fave sports blogs such as Jaymie’s TheBullRunner (excellent domain name btw), which chronicles stuff going in and around local running, mostly 3k, 10k and up to 100k in her case (wow, right?). I was lucky enough to make her acquaintance during a parenting – related event of all things.

In the basketball category, I’d have to give a big thumbs up to, which has resources to die for, such as top notch images and videos of whatever’s going on, including interviews and events plus of course, games themselves.

Then there are the opinionated and no doubt handsome young men of, some of whom have written here. I’ve watched this blog from the start and it keeps getting bigger and with a wider fanbase than ever.

Looking through the list at Pinoy Top Blogs Sports & Recreation category, I’m just ecstatic that the choices for sports are as diverse as the people who play them are. There’s cycling, running, boxing, horse – racing, swimming, outdoor sports, extreme sports, UFC, soccer, volleyball and all sorts of in betweens.

Not only do I subscribe to their posts, I even subscribe to their comments via RSS as well. These are frequently just as entertaining (if not more so) as the posts themselves, and gives me insight and a general zietgeist feel as to what’s going on in the typical Pinoy’s mind, sports primarily, and a great other things secondary. Just the fact that I can find out when there are great Sales on athletic gear going on is enough reason (plainly), to keep in touch. There used to be just a few of us Sports Blogs, and now I assume it to be at least close to 50 or so, and these are ‘serious’ ones, as opposed to the occasional sports related rant mixed in with personal stuff.

I admit it also made me take a long hard look at BallEx to see where it fits into all of this. When I started BallEx, all I wanted to do really, was make a separate blog to chronicle my basketball thoughts because they usually overwhelm the other stuff on my personal blog. When hits started to rise and it gained attention, I took it up a notch and ‘hired’ other writers to join the fray. I was even approached by several parties, interested in ‘working with me’ in all sorts of (highly undefined and therefore fizzled out) ways.

To sustain these ideas I opened it up to advertising, which I admit that up to this point, has not worked out. Hence, I had to let go off these.

It took all that to make me realize that after all that’s said and done, the one and only thing that will keep BallEx running is (gasp), myself, and the foundation upon the whole blog was made – my passion for the game and my need to write about it. I thought I could make it into so many different things, but the lack of sustainability has kept me from reaching those goals.

It then dawned on me that the one and only thing that IS sustainable, is my writing about basketball. If I had my way, I’d talk and write basketball all day everyday, and as long as people found it interesting for whatever reason, the continuation of this blog therefore, is assured. I kinda got a little ahead of myself, but that never changed, it was always there from the very start.

Why am I thinking about all this?

Well, as I mentioned at the start, Neva’s new tennis blog and Jaymie’s running blog are terrific in that all they do is just talk about their passion. I soaked it all up and thoroughly enjoyed it, then I realized, that’s what BallEx looked like when it started years ago. Just nothing but pure, unadulterated thoughts about the sport they love.

And I said to myself, ‘Heck, I can do do that’, followed by a moment of realization saying ‘Heck, I used to do that’.

So see, that’s exactly what I’ll do.