Thoughts On DLSU vs. UP; FEU vs. UE

Our Basketball Viewing Options Today, 26 July 2008, Involve the ff.


– I just wanna say a few words about UP. ABS occasionally show teasers after games with lots of flashing lights and way too much pumped up music, featuring different teams one by one with lots of interviews of coaches and players. Anyway, they got to the UP part and I was almost falling asleep, but then Woody Co said a few very insightful things. Being a Chinoy, he is very honest (Chinoys usually are, imho, quite open with whatever’s on their minds), and he said that last year, there were times when he just wanted to stop playing (in the middle of a game), pack up and go home.

He then went ahead and talked about how he sees himself not doing that anymore, being older, and part of the seniors of the team now whom the rooks and coaching staff will be looking at for support. Of course he needs to say that, being a puff piece, but it sounded to me like a boy turning into a man, and was worth hearing nonetheless.

Me being a Pinoy and naturally, an underdog – lover, I decided to watch the UE vs. UE game two days ago – and UP was absolutely demolished.

It wasn’t like they were demolished at the end, or demolished in the middle. They were absolutely demolished from start to finish, and were the picture of a completely overwhelmed, overmatched basketball team. It was one of the ugliest games I had ever watched, with UP players alternately pointing and screaming to one another, players looking lost, frustrated and angry, and their coach fielding anyone he could find, trying to find a solution.

When NU gets demolished, they just shrug their shoulders and take it, almost content with their lot in life (a topic for another story).

But the UP boys, they want to win, and if they’re not winning, they’re angry and frustrated to the point of crying.

Today they’re going to meet DLSU, and quite likely, they’re gonna get wiped out again. Of course, having green blood, I will always side with DLSU.

Thus now, I face a quandary. The enormously talented Woody Co would probably have a UAAP Championship by now if he had only gone to 3 or 4 different schools after graduation. Instead, he’s relating how last year, there were times when he wanted to stop playing (in the middle of a game), and leave, because they sucked so much.

I want to see Co do well. I want to see their PG, who’s a dead ringer for Mike Cortez (Gamboa is it? Sorry I’ll take down notes next time), to do well. I wanna see the much maligned Migs de Asis, do well. Hell not only that, I wanna tell de Asis that youth comes only once in his life, so he should play the best possible basketball he can.

Watching the UP Maroons go up against a powerful team like today is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. But I think I’ll watch anyway, just to see if Co will make good on his promise. Although once the lead goes higher than 15 and they start shouting and pointing to each other again I can’t promise I won’t watch something else.

UE vs. FEU

The thing I’d be most afraid of with this game is the inevitable references to Baracael’s recent incident, and the absolutely inappropriate conjecture it produces.

Going around the local Internet searching for news on this topic is an exercise in relentless immaturity.

When a person suffers an incident such as this, the foremost on your mind should be their well being. There is absolutely nothing that takes precedence. Secondly, the last thing anyone needs is baseless speculation, which btw, is completely useless since the police are investigating it anyway, the results of which may or may not have anything to do with what you or I or anyone thinks.

Nevertheless, a person voicing his opinion is still his right, and the Internet, especially the mass of Pinoy basketball watching public isn’t exactly known for maturity, so there’s nothing anyone can do about that.

It can be a good basketball game today if everyone will just stick to the topic at hand – basketball.

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