Vivi Manu!

I thought about this a bit before but am only writing it now. It seems to me that it’s possible Nike makes the best commercials on the planet. Case in point:

Of course Manu being in it has probably got something to do with it, but since I saw that I’ve been listening to the Bee Gees, watching YouTube for more of his stuff, and finally even bought this:

because it looked somewhat like what he wears here:

Am I a sucker or what? No matter. My new kicks rock. Now if only I can get ‘Staying Alive’ out of my head. Anyway, here’s Manu’s best plays.

Check out the pass between Kobe’s legs, how he makes Shaq look like a fool (and that’s the Championship LA Shaq, not the Phoenix Shaq), and somewhere at 3:03, the reverse dunk that, I believe, had Charles Barkley running all over the TNT studio screaming ‘Gee Noo Beelee!! Gee Noo Beelee!!’

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