Bad Girls

Normally the names Candace Parker or Plenette Pierson would only ring a bell, but after yesterday’s free for all at the WNBA, I am just as familiar with their names now as with Rick Mahorn, Lisa Leslie and Bill Laimbeer.

Check out how Pierson walked all over Parker just like a Bad Boy should, except she’s a girl, so she’s a Bad Girl, hence my title, right? I should get a Palanca.

Tough result though. Cheryl Ford, one of the Shock’s best players injured her knee while trying to pacify her own teammate, and will be missing the rest of the season. What a way to go out.

Even though, it kinda makes me feel this is the sorta thing the WNBA needs to liven things up. They now have a rivalry in the making, and people are gonna start to pay attention after realizing these are pretty tough chicks. I know I am.

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