Gilbert Arenas Came To Town..

.. and these are the only references Google can find about it:

tedi31’s blog


Joaquin Henson at NBA’s Blog Squad.

That’s it, man. That’s all. The other Google results have to do with his approaching visit, not during his visit, or after his visit. There were some reports of him at the DLSU-ADMU game, but I Liveblogged the whole thing, and I sure as hell didn’t see no Hibachi. Pacman yes. Agent Zero? Nada.


And it’s not like I didn’t ask. Of course I asked. I emailed Adidas weeks ago to ask for news of his coming, which was a hint for a request for a press release. They said sure, but I got Zero. So I asked for Agent Zero, and I got Zero. I guess that makes sense.

Anyway, whatever. Just wanted it noted here that Gilbert Arenas, PG / SG of the Washington Wizards, 2002-03 MIP, Perennial All Star and one of the hottest commodities the NBA has came over, but didn’t show up.