Jude Turcuato Says Important Stuff

In my book, Solar Sports’ Jude “Kaboom” Turcuato is one of the better sports opinionators out there, and last week Quinito Henson, in his column, quoted the man re Solar’s recent acquisition of PBA’s rights.

Yes I know most of you, like myself, couldn’t care less about these network’s ratings and ensuing lawsuit wars, but ABS, GMA, RPN, Studio23, QTV, et al are pretty touchy about these things, with their lawyers on speed-dial should any info that puts them in a bad light come to, err, light. At any rate, Jude unleashes some gems. A sampling:

..”We looked at actual AGB Nielsen ratings over the last three years and it showed RPN has wider reach and higher ratings than Studio 23. Overall, GMA is the clear leader with ABS in second place. QTV is third while ABC and RPN have been contesting fourth spot all year. Studio 23, at the time of the presentation, was actually in seventh place behind the combination of all cable channels. The latest numbers from early May had RPN in fourth place with the NBA playoffs in full swing and Studio 23 still in seventh.”

he goes on:

“Another erroneous perception that had to be dispelled by actual data was the UAAP games rate higher than the PBA or even the NBA,” Turcuato went on. “Actual UAAP average ratings on Studio 23 were only 1/3 of the PBA on ABC and 1/2 of the NBA on RPN. Even the cheering competition rated higher than the actual UAAP finals.

Very interesting. There’s more:

“Until the time ABS-CBN decides to put all the PBA games live on Channel 2, RPN will always be the better network versus Studio 23 for reach and ratings based on AGB Nielsen data.”


“Based on the surveys, Studio 23’s reach in mega Manila was lower than all the VHF channels ABC, NBN, ABC, RPN, IBC and QTV and of course, Channels 2 and 7,” continued Turcuato. “It was a glaring advantage that made a difference in actual reach and ratings. Mindshare overwhelmingly recommended RPN over Studio 23 based on projections and data, also from AGB Nielsen.”


I just gotta say, God bless the man. The man has no fear! And I can only assume the reason these comments aren’t discussed on mainstream media is only because us Pinoys aren’t used to a blatant disregard for the welfare of the powers that be (and by powers that be I mean ABS).

However, a quick look at his recent June 5 blog entry shows this:

This (blogpost) is actually a clarification on a point published in a previous post and included in Quinito Henson’s article. I can take it back since I should have classified it as a personal opinion rather than truth. Mindshare wanted some sort of retraction from the statement “overwhelmingly recommended” since according to them, they did not recommend a channel one way or another. Maybe ABS-CBN is on their case about it.

There is then an apology to Mindshare in case his opinions, which he now clearly classifies as his opinions, caused ‘undue strife’. Mindshare is the media planning agency of Smart Communications and some of its accounts are Ford, Gatorade and Nike.

Yeah I guess Mindshare has a point. A captious point, but a point nonetheless, so it’s all good.

So two things I get here: First: the fact that the UAAP isn’t as popular as I thought (“Actual UAAP average ratings on Studio 23 were only 1/3 of the PBA on ABC and 1/2 of the NBA on RPN. Even the cheering competition rated higher than the actual UAAP finals”). This confirms a suspicion I’ve thought all along. The UAAP seems popular because it involves the middle to upper middle class of society – in other words, those who went to UP, Ateneo, DLSU, UE, UST, FEU etc. But the rest, separated either by economic class or geography couldn’t care less about it. The UAAP therefore isn’t a national endeavour, in fact, I dare assume it appeals to anyone farther than Luzon.

That’s actually fine. Marketers can still make hay since, it’s a very well targetted audience, and certainly is within a strong demographic.

Second: I pretty much enjoyed Jude’s tirade of sorts. He really brought it on. Sure it was all brought about by efforts to promote his company, but that was entertaining just the same. Either because I liked seeing a powerful network being told off or because it’s just entertaining to observe someone not mince words – God knows a rare enough occurrence, it’s all a good read. He should blog more.

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  1. sna d lng pang cable ang RPN kc ung mga wlang cable d n mkkpanuod ng PBA dpt gya cla sa ABC o STUDIO23 na mka pnuod lhat ng tao mas mgnda paggnun…

  2. pls..sna sa abs or studio 23 nlng,,cgurado mas maraming manonood..cgurading cgurado un,based sa observation ko lang dito sa place namin,eh what more pa sa ibang lugar, daming tumatangkilik sa ABS,isa pa, lalong si2kat ang mga players coz more exposure and mangyayari sa knila, isa pa mas maiendorse ang PBA kc magaling maghikayat ang ABS diba..un ang kailangan ng PBA kc,.pagsila ang humawak cgurado mala NBA ang dating ng PBA pagdating sa mga features, highlight, news, etc..wag nyo kcng gawing basehan ang statistics, pagbasehan nyo ung ikagaganda ng PBA, kc unti unti bumabagsak na ang PBA,..

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