Boston Leads 2-0, 108-102 Final, and my 1st LiveBlogging Attempt.

I know it’s way late to start liveblogging at the 2nd half, but it’s better late than never.

The first half was fairly lousy call-wise for both teams. Referees went wild with their whistles, the worst recipient of which has to be Kendrick Perkins, rendered inutile after picking up his 3rd in the 2nd quarter.

LA is having the worst of either quarter, having a difficult time getting their offense going. Aside from occasional inputs by Fisher and Kobe, the brightest spot has to be Gasol, who produced a spectacular in your facer over Kevin Garnett in the 1st quarter, complete with howl and much beating of chest. Later in the 2nd he executed a terrific pick and roll with Kobe, with Pierce and Posey switching, ending up with Pierce against Gasol underneath. The Spaniard quickly took advantage of the situation, resulting in points that no amount of flopping from Pierce can convince anyone otherwise.

Little used Boston relief forward Powe ‘The Show’ stepped up big time, possibly proving to be the deciding factor that might determine winning series – the more reliable bench.

We’re starting now with the 2nd half, 10:38 AM.

  • Henson raises good point about a stage in the 2nd half where all players in LA were second stringers. Boston took advantage.
  • Ray Allen shoots on a jumper from the right.
  • Fisher misses a three.
  • Perkins is blocked and fouled, 10:26 in the 3rd quarter, shoots the 2nd of 2 foul shots. 58-42 Boston.
  • Odom sinks a J from top of key.
  • Turnover where Perkins tried to pass the ball to Allen.
  • Bryant misses from top of key.
  • Garnett misses, Pierce misses, Odom rebound.
  • 8:59: Bryant makes spinning layup but gets TF from jawing at referee. 59-46 Boston.
  • Fisher gets interception. Odom is blocked by Garnett.
  • Pierce shoots a three, simultaneous foul with Perkins against Gasol. 62-46, biggest lead. 7 assists Rondo.
  • Beat LA chants. Rondo fouls Fisher. Radmanovic sinks three in front of Celtics bench.
  • Rondo makes jumper.
  • Lakers miss by Radmanovic and Gasol.
  • Allen missess three, ball back to Lakers.
  • Radmanovic bricks.
  • Garnett is fouled by Odom, almost gets TF from complaining. 64-49 Boston, 7:13 to go in 3rd. Time Out LA.
  • KG misses 2nd freethrow, sinks first.
  • Bryant off of a difficult double teamed jumper, starting to wax hot with 15 pts.
  • Rondo tries do dunk off of a pick by Garnett on the baseline, lands on back, fouled by Odom, Odom helps him up. Rondo misses 1st, sinks 2nd FT.
  • Allen fouls Bryant off of a 8 foot jumper from top of key *missed. 6:15 left on 3rd, shoots both FTs 53-66 Boston.
  • Offensive foul off of Rondo on Radmanovic, wrapping his arms around while turning.
  • Gasol gets a gimme dunk off of a great bounce pass assist from Odom.
  • KG gets two off a offensive rebound.
  • Bryant shoots jumper off key, 4:54 left, 17 points.
  • Rondo misses three.
  • Lead now 9 points off Gasol two pointer. Boston Time out.
  • Pierce misses.
  • Allen slaps ball away from Lakers play. Radmanovic misses.
  • Pierce shoots floater, 70-59 Boston, 3:28 left.
  • Radmanovic turns it over.
  • Great pass by Rondo to Pierce underneath, sinks it.
  • Kobe airballs it
  • PJ Brown with a great layup, 15 pt lead by Celtics. Crowd goes wild.
  • Odom bounces ball off of PJ Brown falling outside. No TF.
  • Walton short on jumper.
  • Allen sinks 3 from corner.
  • Kobe mises alley oop to Gasol.
  • 3 seconds later, Rondo connects with his own alley oop off of a fastbreak to Powe. 20 point lead, Boston is going crazy.

It’s now not looking very good. A 20 pt lead going into the 4th is near insurmountable, especially with Boston playing at home. Kobe looks frustrated and angry, but Lakers offense is not connecting at all.

  • Odom is called for a charge against PJ Brown. Kobe is resting. Odom goes to bench.
  • Farmar stops dribble. Sloppy play, results in turnover.
  • Leon Powe spectacular slam off of a Pierce pass on the fastbreak.
  • Vucajic jumper off top of key, 20 pt lead again.
  • Rondo with another great pass to Powe, who promptly dunks it underneath. Rondo’s 12th assist.
  • end of 3rd quarter.
  • Start of 4th. 83 – 61 Boston.
  • PJ Brown miss off a jumper.
  • Farmar sinks three.
  • Powe with power lay up against Walton, 15 pts for him.
  • Kobe with alley oop to Turiaf.
  • Allen almost loses ball against Vujacic.
  • Rondo misses off desperation J, Boston gets back possession of PJ Brown rebound. Powe gets freethrows off getting fouled from underneath offensive rebound, shoots FTs. PJ Brown rests.
  • Powe foul. Kobe with another alley oop to Turiaf.
  • Garnett sinks jumper from top of key.
  • Farmar sinks jumper.
  • KG misses J from same spot, Leon Powe is fouled off Powe rebound.
  • 23 fouls lakers, 18 fouls Celtics. 28 FTs by celtics, 4 by lakers.
  • KG hits jumper.
  • LA timeout. 89-71 Boston.

LA’s going to sleep. Barring a miracle they look like they’re ready to go home. Right now they’re erecting a statue outside Boston arena of Leon ‘The Show’ Powe.

  • Powe with incredible coast to coast dunk. Unbelievable.
  • Kobe misses.
  • KG jumper.
  • Kobe jumper, 19 pts for him.
  • Powe is fouled off baseline pass from Rondo. 95-73 Boston, Powe shoots first FT.
  • Bryant fouled off layup by Posey, sinks both FTs. 95-76
  • Powe bad miss off Rondo pass.
  • Alley oop to Kobe from Gasol miss. Kobe glares at ref.
  • Pierce tries to get another 4 point play by getting foul from Fisher but travels.
  • 6:29 to go, Radmanovic gets 3 from Kobe assist.
  • Bryant defensive rebound. Fisher attacks, gets questionable foul from Powe.
  • 5:56 left, timeout Boston.
  • 80-96, Pierce is fouled off layup by Fisher. Misses second FT.
  • Radmanovic misses three, Vujacic shoots three. 14 pt lead.
  • Allen sinks left layup off offensive rebound.
  • Kobe assists Fisher, Fisher sinks three. 4:20 left.
  • Garnett misses j.
  • Radmanovic misses three. Boston calls Time out. 20 seconds. 99-86, Boston.
  • Posey sinks three.
  • Radmanovic sinks offensive rebound from Kobe miss.
  • Posey misses 3 from same spot.
  • Bryant sinks three for 11 pt. lead.
  • Vujacic gets 3rd PF from Rondo layup. Time Out.
  • 2:34 left, 102-91, Rondo misses two FTs.
  • Kobe sinks layup from right, 9 pt. lead.
  • Pierce strong move, sinks two.
  • Kobe strong move, sinks two. No call on obvious foul.
  • Vujacic sinks three off Pierce turnover from Fisher steal and Radmanovic assist.
  • Radmanovic steals again, dunks it, lowers deficiency to 4 points. Boston time out. LA 14-2 run.
  • Rondo miss on all alone J.
  • Kobe fouled by Pierce. Kobe shoots both FTs. 102 – 104, 40 seconds left.
  • Pierce is fouled by Gasol driving in. Shoots both FTs. 106 – 102, 22.8 seconds left. LA time out.
  • LA inbound. Vujacic misses three, Posey rebound, fouled by Fisher.
  • Posey sinks FTs. 12.6 seconds to go. 108 – 102 Boston.
  • Fisher misses three off Bryant pass.
  • End of game, 108 – 102, Boston wins.

An exciting game at the end, but certainly could’ve been avoided by the Lakers taking care of business as they should have in the early quarters. Particularly in the 2nd quarter, when Jackson put in all 2nd stringers while Boston maintained at least 1 starter, either Allen or Pierce. As a result there was no offense, necessitating their coming back with a vengeance.

It looked possible for a while, with the Lakers raining threes bringing it oh so close, but Ray Allen’s excellent denial of the ball to Bryant prevented any miracles in the end.

Will I liveblog again?

Whew. Live Blogging is HAAARRD, and you really need to concentrate. Many times I’d had to go back to rewrite or make corrections, and I’m not sure if that’s passable if this is going to be a reliable archive of what happened in the game. Also because it requires so much concentration, it’s not fun anymore, and that’s what I’m worried about.

I’ll try again, but possibly write only in between time outs and quarters. I notice as well it makes me concentrate too hard on specific plays and the action going on at that very moment, whereas it’s very important not to lose sight of the overall flow of the game.

Chino needs to shussh

Incidentally that, I think, is what’s missing with Chino Trinidad’s play by play. The man insists on analyzing and re analyzing every single play, and never gives an overall look of the game. In other words, sometimes he needs to shut up and just let them play. Maybe he can ask Quinito Henson some smart questions, maybe he can pay attention to something in the stadium or the star studded crowd, or anything, just pay attention to something else for a little while, and come back into the game later on.

I don’t think it’s important to analyze and re analyze every single foul, every touch, every misstep, and then generalize, as is his habit, the whole team and sometimes the team’s whole season based on that. Players make mistakes, sometimes two or three in a row, but it certainly doesn’t mean his whole game sucks.

As a result, I kinda felt there was egg in his face when LA came back after being more than 20 points down, whittling it down to 2. After demolishing the Lakers for a full two quarters, claiming they had cement bags for feet (an analogy for being slow), I was actually cheering the Lakers when they were coming back just to prove Chino wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy. He called Pierce’s antics in Game 1 for what it is – an acting job, worthy of an Oscar. Chino’s a higher batch than I in high school and we play ball every Friday, not to mention I idolize his Dad. But man, sometimes he needs to zip it.

I’ll try this again Game 3.

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  1. yeah… chino trinidad SUCKS in that C/S coverage… kulang na lang eh itagalog niya lahat ng BASKETBALL TERMS

  2. I just have to let this out. Yesterday was my first time to watch an nba finals coverage of the LA-Boston series and got surprised it was chino and quinito being the analysts… I just think they both suck… i just though they are rooting for boston… when LA made a comeback, they even didn’t point what led to the comeback.. they said the C’s played a team game.. but what made them win? it was a one on one play by Paul Pierce in the end… even the fouls, there are obvious fouls but they don’t mind if it’s against the lakers… i may sound a laker fan but i’m not… i’m just a basketball fanatic.. and like us filipinos, we are biased… and it showed.. now the series is back at LA.. i guess if LA will win, I think I know what to expect to hear from them,… everything i heard in game 2 but this time, with LA getting doing good and Boston doing bad… they are just too exag….

  3. And Chino kept on referring to TD Banknorth Garden as Boston Garden… Hihihihi…

    As E once said, “I don’t think of the past. It distracts from the NOW.”

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