Why Boston Won; The Lakers Make Me Believe

At some 3 mins left in the game, KG executed a Dream Shake, sinking the ball for crucial points. Even more crucial was Paul Pierce‘s scintillating 41 point performance, negating LeBron James’ 45 and finally, FINALLY reminding us why he is called ‘The Truth’. I’ve been waiting, hoping, demanding even, that Pierce bring 40+. It seemed to me the only piece missing that kept Boston from steamrolling their opponents the way we all thought they should, and today’s performance was a long time coming.

But since we’re on the subject of the Truth, let’s be honest here. The picture included is the real reason why Boston won.

If memory serves correctly, PJ Brown sank all alone jumpers twice or more in the 3rd quarter. Come fourth, he wasn’t done yet. There was a fumble off of a KG miss, it ended up in his hands, and he sank it under the ring. Later on, the most important part of the game. Dying minutes of the fourth, and all eyes were either on Eddie House or Paul Pierce, both terrific shooters, and both playing well. The ball rotates and goes to House in the corner. Two Cavs rush to him, so he bounces the ball to – PJ Brown. Seconds dying, Pierce guarded by James, he has no choice, so he lines it up. The whole state of Boston goes quiet. Zydrunas Ilgauskas hesitates, not knowing if he’ll defend, or wait instead to rebound a possible miss. Do we blame him? No. It’s crunchtime. Brown is a role player. I give him 50-50 at best.


Cavs time out. Boston leads by 5. Brown points at the sky and is body slammed by teammates. And for the 38 year old, 14 year pro, who’s only played 18 regular season games for Boston since February – a player whose picture in the NBA Playerfile still has him wearing a Chicago Bulls uniform (check it before they change it!), he shows to one and all what it’s all about. He was either going to retire or go to Boston, and today he’s swishing crucial J’s in a Game 7 for the 3rd round of the Playoffs. That’s.What.It’s.All.About.

Lakers Face Either Spurs or Hornets. Boozer Makes It Easy for ’em.

At some point in the 1st, Fisher on a fastbreak almost turned a full 180 running backwards, fortunately finding Kobe Bryant on the wing. And in one spectacular dunk, the 2007-08 MVP erased all doubts about his bad back.

But that’s not really the story of the game for me. Rather, it was the non – story of Carlos Boozer, who came up with a 12 point (albeit 14 rebound) game, getting his 5th foul at the start of the 4th quarter, seriously hampering his effectivity.

The most exciting part of the game came with :25 seconds left, with Andrei Kirilenko, only a 0.227 3-point shooter in the Playoffs, banging in two consecutive 3-pointers. One on an all – alone try from the top of the key, lowering the Lakers lead to three points, 100 – 103. Later, after a time out and some confusion off a Utah inbound, Kirilenko found himself alone again for another three and promptly sank it, bringing the score to 103 Utah, LA 105.

This was the last time they threatened however, as consecutive misses by Millsaps, Deron Williams and Mehmet Okur sealed the contest at 108-105 Lakers. LA will now go on to meet the winner of the highly anticipated series between San Antonio and Denver, playing tomorrow in their Game 7 with the Spurs at home.