Of Boring Boston Blowouts, KFC, and Reggie Rip Hamilton

Millions of us local basketball fans tuned in yesterday to watch what we hoped to be a great Boston – Cavs game but unfortunately, the Cavs had a different idea.

Cleveland outscored Boston by 32-18 in the 1st, finally ending the contest with a 24 point blowout, 108-84. By the 4th quarter I was getting hungry, so I did the unthinkable. I left the TV to microwave some leftover KFC. That’s right. It might not sound like a big deal, but basketball fanatics will understand. You NEVER leave the tube in the 4th quarter with Boston in the Playoffs. NEVER EVER EVER.

But anyway, the point of this post isn’t that game, it’s this:

Richard Hamilton erupted for 32 points against Orlando, doing it old school via jumpshots, weaving without the ball, cutting to the basket, using the screen, taking advantage of a weaker defender, causing turnovers, you know, basically doing things that are generally termed as ‘Working Hard‘, as in the case where 30 seconds into that video he gets his own rebound and shoots it on top of Dwight Howard’s outstretched hands and four other Magic players standing around with their mouths agape.

Normally I’d not be thinking about it, until after I was reminded about Chauncey’s injury (strained right hamstring) when I saw him clapping from the sidelines. So instead of the Pistons folding like a chair, Rip drops 32 towards a heart stopping 90-89 win (and a 3-1 lead), and in a style that just has to remind you of Reggie Miller, but quieter.

I’ve started to think of making a new category, with the possible name ‘Players That Step Up in the Playoffs‘. At the moment there are three: Chris Paul, Kobe and now, Richard Hamilton. I’ve yet to see a full Pistons game unfortunately, but I can tell it’s certainly more exciting than the cannot win on the road Celtics.