All-Import List

Who were the best shooters among PBA imports? Who were the best shotblockers? I have compiled a list of the best of the best and the worst of the worst. Feel free to air your comments and suggestions. Here it goes…


They love to throw bombs and are accurate marksmen

Jose Slaughter (Hills Bros). Still holds the record of 14 three-pointers among imports in a game.

Freeman Williams (Tanduay). One of the top pure shooters to grace the game. Was the second all-time scoring leader in US NCAA history, trailing only the legendary “Pistol” Pete Maravich.

Rob Williams (Tanduay). Could from anywhere on the floor even with his eyes closed. Once set the record of 13 three-pointers in a game before Slaughter and Allan Caidic came.

Jay Taylor (San Miguel, Purefoods). A great shooter, his shot was not the only one legendary but his ballhogging ways as well. Could have been the reason why the PBA instituted the 3-second ballhogging rule.

Jay Edwards (Swift). Once exploded for 69 points in a game, marked by 13 of 18 three-pointers (72%).

John Best (Shell). A pure scorer, he’s arguably one of the best shooters in recent memory.

Carlos Briggs (Anejo). Shot three-pointers like he was shooting free throws. A very explosive scorer who can burn hot from long distance in an instant.

Michael Young (Manila Beer). Has the best shooting stroke among PBA imports at 6’5″ and up.

Jumpin’ Joe Ward (Anejo). This guy can score from anywhere and had games where he was almost unstoppable. Import partner Tommy Davies is equally explosive.

Henry James (Ginebra). A very effective shooter from 18-feet and in and loves to shoot when the game is on the line. Played hero in most Ginebra victories.

Askia Jones (Shell). This guy simply has no conscience and will throw up a trifecta when the opportunity arises.


These guys have only play and that is to shoot the ball at all cost.

Tony Harris (Swift). He was such a great performer, his teammates were often mesmerized when he has the ball.

Freeman Williams (Tanduay). Has been a fearsome scorer and he knows it. Will throw up shots even if the defense is all over him.

Jay Taylor (Purefoods). How bad a teammate was Jay? His former coach instructed him to pass the ball more often and became gun-shy. He was more effective as a ballhog.

Carlos Briggs (Anejo). You don’t score 80+, 70+, 60+ and 50+ games and average more than 10 passes a game.

Askia Jones (Shell). Sees only one direction, and that is towards the rim.


If you like colors, here’s my compilation:

Kenny Redfield (Pepsi, Shell, Purefoods)

Carlos “Red” Briggs (Anejo)

Norman Black (Alaska, San Miguel, Tefilin, Great Taste, Pop Cola)

Sylvester Gray (Anejo, Alaska)

Leon White (Sta. Lucia, Purefoods), Tony White (Presto), Willie White (Purefoods), Wayland White (Welcoat), and Luke Whitehead (Sta. Lucia). Don’t you find it odd, all of these imports are black?

Raheim Brown (Sta. Lucia), and Derrick Brown (Purefoods)

Sean Green (Sta. Lucia), Brian Green (Ginebra), Warren Rosegreen (Purefoods)

Note: Would have loved to see Theodore “Blue” Edwards (6-4 200, selected by the Utah Jazz with the 21st overall pick of the 1989 NBA Draft out of East Carolina University) and Corey Violette (6’8 265, undrafted out of Gonzaga) on this list but they haven’t made it to the PBA.


Ok I mentioned White a while back, here are the real best white hopes.

Adam Parada (Red Bull). Quite new on the list but he is making an impression lately.

David Wood (Purefoods). Had a respectable stint with Purefoods. Not only he was good on-court, but off-court too and helped spread the word of God.

Richie Frahm (Talk N Text). A sharp-shooting swingman who was ex-TNT coach Bill Bayno’s pickup during his term here. Had a great stint in the NBA after his PBA tenure but now he’s a free agent.

Damien Cantrell (Talk N Text). All-around player who can simply do it all. A clutch player who can play inside and outside and was an above-average rebounder for his size.

Chris Burgess (San Miguel) and Ryan Fletcher (Sta. Lucia, Ginebra). They were both solid players who were unspectacular but did all the things the coaches required them to do on the playing floor.


The best shotblockers

Ronnie Thompkins (Swift, Purefoods). During his stint with Swift he used his gymnastic skills to dominate the paint and dissuade others from doing the same.

Winston Crite (Alaska). Didn’t get the monicker “The Human Eraser” for nothing.

Wesley Wilson (Shell, Sta. Lucia). Ask all the big men in the PBA today and they will tell you who’s the meanest shotblocker in town (so what if Parada is the tops in blocks right now).

Andy Fields (Toyota). The best shotblocker the PBA has ever seen. Was an absolute terror in the late 70s up to the early 80s. Still holds the all-time PBA record of 13 blocks in a game.

Cyrus Mann (Crispa). The other shotblocking threat three decades ago.

James Lister (CDCP). Once registered 12 blocks in a game (1981).

Richard Adams (Shell, San Miguel). Had 11 blocks in a single game.

Lorenzo Coleman (Purefoods). This 7-foot monster had a mind-boggling 5 bpg average for Purefoods in 2004. Too bad he didn’t last a conference in the PBA.


These guys entertain, does all the magic stuff not found in the handbooks, and more

Billy Ray Bates (Crispa, Ginebra). You want the ultimate showman? Billy’s the man. If not for his off-court behaviors he would have been an NBA star.

Wes Matthews (Ginebra). “Wild wild Wes” exemplified showmanship like his NBA team LA Lakers.

Walker Russell (Presto, Purefoods). Does all things with flare and theatrics. His passes was a signature in itself, and sort of magical. His tantrums on the court was also incredible.

Tony Harris (Swift). “The Hurricane” blew all defenses thrown at him during his initial stint with Swift and was driving, shooting from afar, dunking, and had such fantastic handles

Derrick Brown (Purefoods, Sta. Lucia). With defenders on his face and on the break, he was such a delight to watch, soaring and dunking 10-15 feet away from the basket.


They’re championed dunk artists when Nino Canaleta was still in diapers

Darren Queenan (Anejo, Purefoods). Proved he was the King of dunks when he walked off with the 1990 Dunk crown over Bobby Parks.

Alexander Coles (Ginebra). Fans remember him for his winning dunk, soaring high below 3 people and slamming it home.

Billy Ray Bates (Crispa, Ginebra). Did you know that he had the nickname Dunk during his NBA days. Was a fan favorite because of his explosive and high-flying ways.

Sean Chambers (Alaska). Beat Billy Ray Bates black and blue in the 1986 dunk competition.

Warren Rosegreen (Purefoods). When you looked at how he leaps for the ball, you wouldn’t think he is less than 6’3″ tall.

Dexter Shouse (Shell, Purefoods). Rocked the rim so hard the PBA had to install rim shacks to prevent them from falling down.

Joe Ward (Anejo). Jumpin’ Joe was not only deadly from beyond the arc, he was also an athletic jumper.


Kenny Redfield (Sta. Lucia, Pepsi, Shell, Purefoods). Fills up the boxscore with not only points, but also rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and whatever you can think of.

Walker Russell (Presto, Purefoods). The ultimate playmaker who was notorious for his short fuse and incredible court vision.

Terrance Bailey (Presto). Before Russell, he was the first triple-double expert.


These guys are the most hardworking imports I’ve ever seen

Rossell Ellis (Coke, Brgy. Ginebra, Alaska). “Mr. Everything” simply does everything

Sean Chambers (Alaska). He and Norman Black are among the longest tenured imports in PBA history. Isn’t that hardworking enough?

Norman Black (Alaska, San Miguel, Tefilin, Great Taste, Pop Cola). The first recipient of the Mr. 100% award and you know what that means.

Michael Hackett (Ginebra). Loves the paint, bucket and all. Plays the low post and does not back down from anyone else. Will work opponents down and will not get tired.

Bobby Parks (Shell, San Miguel). 7-time Best Import. Need I say more?

Devin Davis (Alaska). Dreadlocks and all, he simply works like a horse inside.


You see animals in the zoo, in the wild and in the PBA…

Carl Bird (Royal)
Reggie Fox (Ginebra)
Anthony “Pig” Miller (FedEx)
Billy Ray Bates (Crispa, Ginebra)


Some are doing part-time jobs as well

Lenny Cooke (Purefoods)
Reggie Butler (Purefoods)


Derrick Canada (Pepsi)
Everette Stephens (Presto)
Jermaine Tate (San Miguel)
Tyrone Washington (Purefoods)
Frank Western (Ginebra)


Bruce “Sky” King (Toyota)
Billy Ray “Black Superman” Bates (Crispa, Ginebra)
“Sweet” Lew Massey (Gilbey’s Gin) and Terry “Sweet Dew” Duerod (Ginebra)
Byron “Snake” Jones (Toyota)
David “Sheriff of Bradley” Thirdkill (Purefoods, Tanduay)
Winston “Human Eraser” Crite (Alaska, Presto)


Anthony “Pig” Miller
Shawn “Incredible Bulk” Daniels