Alaska Commercial: Cisco Oliver or Billy Robinson?

Honestly, John’s previous ‘best import’ post drove me crazy since I was determined to put pictures alongside the names, substituting Team Logos if I couldn’t find any. Unfortunately for Billy Robinson, who played for Mariwasa, I couldn’t find even that so I susbstituted white space (ngek).

Anyway, when John ‘Da Walking Basketball Encyclopedia’ Dacanay mentioned he was in that ancient Alaska commercial, I just had to YouTube and guess what, I FOUND IT:

Doesn’t it bring a smile to your face? A commenter said the kid was Wilfred Uytengsu himself, President and COO of Alaska Milk Corp., which, if I have the chance, I will try to confirm.

So John made a boo boo there, as from the start of the video it already mentions Cisco Oliver. But no matter. It’s a great post anyway, probably our best post ever. The kind of post that you can make a whole new blog about. I decided to post this erratum of sorts afer eagle eyed commenter Atty De Guzman commented the same observation.

And here’s Willy Miller’s newer version for good measure:

and finally, an Aaron Carter version with Shaq from 2005, just so this post will turn out on Google when someone searches for ‘little kids beating bigger guys at basketball’. Who knows, right?