Sony Lends HandyCams to Little Ateneo Ballers

Just received a Press Release re’ Sony’s involvement with the Ateneo Basketball School and I gotta admit, I’m putting it here mostly because of the pic of those cute kids.

Of course, it’s quite likely they’re thinking more about how the balls look like giant candy, and the one on the left is probably wondering where the ‘on’ button is to make it light up, but at least they’re not home getting brain dead on TV and the Wii.

Anyway, here’re the important details:

By forging an alliance with the Ateneo Basketball School (ABS,) an essential component of the integrated basketball program of the Ateneo de Manila University responsible for discovering and training potential talents for varsity level type of play, Sony Handycam extends the presence of their “Easy Handycam. Enjoy Handycam. Campaign” further by loaning out easy-to-use camcorders for ABS parents and participants during training/tournament days… all for free!

So if you want to be able to secure and experience over again the memory of your little baller starting out his or her career under the mentorship of well-respected coaches led by Camp Director, Coach Ricky Dandan, be sure to head on early to the Ateneo Grade School Covered Courts and look for the members of your friendly Sony Handycam team to loan your unit!

For more information on the Sony Handycam-Ateneo Basketball School, please get in touch with Ms. Marlyn Franco at 426-6001 loc. 4192. For details on the “Easy Handycam. Enjoy Handycam. Campaign,” or Sony Handycam camcorders, you may call the Sony’s Customer Contact Center at (02) 878-7600 or visit

Couldn’t find a decent Ateneo Basketball School website though other than details of the 2007 program, and don’t bother going to cause there aren’t further details there. I tried looking but it’s only making me want to raid my life savings to buy a big TV.