The Best 'Semi Pro' Movie Review On The Intarnetz

First of all, for those who haven’t watched it (it’s showing now), Semi Pro doesn’t have Heidi Klum in it. These are promotionals for the movie, true, but they were made to coincide with’s 2008 Swimsuit Edition, so they put Heidi in a bikini and did them. And sure that’s kinda ‘malabo‘, but DANG! I’m not complaining!

As you can see, this is a quality movie. Oscar material, even if Heidi Klum is only in the promotional shots and not in the movie. Amazing yeah?

Oh ok I’ll talk about the plot a little bit. It has something to do with an ABA like league, except around 10 steps lower in the 70’s, which was bought by the NBA but can only bring 4 teams along with it. So the story revolves around Tropics team owner Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell), trying to land number 4 spot and save his team from dissolution.

Cast includes André Benjamin (of Outkast fame) and Woody Harrelson, whom last I saw was on the receiving end of a shotgun in ‘No Country for Old Men’. Which is a pity because, since we’re on the subject of basketball movies, he played along with Wesley Snipes one of my most favorite basketball movies of all time, White Men Can’t Jump.

So that’s my review. I know it’s not much, but what were you expecting? It’s a Will Ferrell movie! Just watch it and enjoy.

Oh btw, here’s a pic of something I found outside the moviehouse, to give you an idea where I watched it.

Interview here.