In the United States, there is a basketball league called the National Basketball Association, or NBA, where they have some very good players. Who knew right?

Anyway, the NBA is starting it’s Playoffs, which is a prelude to something called a ‘Championship’. So we’re holding a poll to figure out who BallEx readers think is going to be their best basketball player for the year, called an ‘MVP’.

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Now believe it or not, an MVP is defined as not only a good player per se, but someone who improves his teammates and the team as whole via his presence on and off the court. So no he’s not necessarily ‘the best‘, or ‘most popular‘, or ‘sells most shoes‘ or ‘highest paid‘ or anything like that. Amazing concept, huh?

So it’s simple. Click the adjoining button beside the player who you think will be the NBA’s 2007 – 08 Most Valuable Player. NOT the player of the team you want to win, NOT the player who may have the same name as yours, NOT your ‘favorite since I was 12‘, or anything like that, but the player who makes his teammates and his team better as a whole via his presence on and off the court. Mind blowing right?