C-Webb Calls It A Day

C-Webb Calls It A DayChristopher Webber III, aka C-Webb, has decided to retire after 15 years in the NBA. He is 35 years old, a 5 time All Star, and has played for 5 teams: Golden State, Washington, Sacramento, Philadelphia and Detroit, after which he went back to Golden State.

There are surely articles on the web more definitive than anything I can write, so I went the YouTube route and found this instead. Warning: It’s hazy and very homegrown, but it covers Webber’s career and a lotta highlights, so it does the job:

Pertinent Stats:

* 5 time All-Star
* 5 times All-NBA — 2001 first team, 1999, 2002, & 2003 second team, 2000 third team
* All Rookie NBA — 1994
* 1994 NBA Rookie of the Year
* 1990-1991 National High School player of the year
* NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball All-American 1993
* NCAA All Tournament 1st Team (1992, 1993)
* Retired Jerseys: #44 Detroit Country Day School
* 1999 NBA rebounding champ (13.0 rpg)

Also known for:
* Averaged 20.9 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 4.3 assists.
SLAM Magazine‘s Top 75 NBA Players of all time in 2003.
* Calling a time out when his College team (University of Michigan) didn’t have any, resulting in a technical foul that gave possession and free throws to their opponents North Carolina, in a Division 1 NCAA Men’s Championship Game.
* As player for the Michigan Wolverines in 1991, part of the hip-hop flavored ‘Fab Five’ which included Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson, all of whom made it to the NBA.

I remember him for:
* Essentially being the quintessential power forward, quick on his feet, handles like a guard and powers like Barkley (can’t think of anyone close really). Almost the perfect ‘big’, and a great match up against Tim Duncan or Kevin Garnett that by itself is guaranteed worth your money.
* Exciting to watch because he twists in the air like a lot of skywalkers, usually evading the defense and / or causing to be fouled.
* When he was with the Kings (traded for Mitch Richmond and Otis Thorpe, a marked changing of the guard), forming a powerhouse with Vlade Divac and the then flashy Jason Williams, which had legendary battles against Kobe / Shaq’s Lakers that are still used in highlights today.
* Being a bit of a celeb, living large and hanging with showbiz people.
* A miraculous comeback after the dreaded micro fracture injury, but even so never saw him perform the same again.

Of course I can also mention legal troubles, coach issues and the unavoidable fact he’s ring-less, but he’s so much of a bigger, better player than that. All in all, a good career for a great player.

Photo from sportingnews.com.