Another ADMU – DLSU Showdown. Yeah sure why not. *updated

The first PBA Ateneo – De La Salle Showdown is upon us on March 23, 2008, 4PM (Sunday) at big ol Araneta Coliseum Cubao. Seat and prices are as follows:

Courtside (Reserved Seating) – P640
Patron A (Reserved Seating) – P530
Lower Box A (Reserved Seating) – P480
Lower Box B (Reserved Seating) – P425
Patron B/Lower Box C (Reserved Seating) – P425
Upper Box A (Free Seating) – P115
Upper Box B (Free Seating) – P55
Gen. Admission (Free Seating) – P22

Astute readers might glimpse a tinge of sarcasm in my choice of title. If you do, then you won’t mind if I go right ahead and say what’s on my mind, which is: ‘Showdown na naman?

But then again I am well aware that the event is for charity. As mentioned in their release, all proceeds go to the PBA Players’ Educational Trust Fund, which the PBA’s fabulous website neglects to publish any information about, but we assume, since it’s mentioned as a charity, is for a good cause.

And so while at the start I was apprehensive about this event, feeling that a.) these schools ‘showdown’ one another waaaaaay too much, and b.) wondering why aren’t there any other schools, company teams or org rivalries around that’d be interesting to watch as well and aren’t we getting tired of this, I decided in the end – what the heck.

It’s gonna be next Sunday, directly after Holy Week, so it’ll be a good way to break off of the monotony of the vacations which I shall be spending at home. Also, it’ll be at the Araneta Center, which is near the Cubao Expo, with it’s myriad little stores and antique shops and particularly, Bellini’s, a nice Italian restaurant that’d be great to have dinner at to finish the day off (although I hope they’re open on that day).

So yeah, I’m gonna watch. Why not?

Rosters are below:

Ateneo: Enrico Villanueva, Larry Fonacier, Lewis Alfred Tenorio, Wesley Gonzales, Paolo Bugia, Gec Chia, Doug Kramer, Magnum Membrere, JC Intal, Macky Escalona, Olsen Racela and coached by Chot Reyes.

De La Salle: Mike Cortez, Mack Cardona, Ram Carlo Sharma, Adonis Sta. Maria, Joseph Yeo, RenRen Ritualo, Don Allado, Ryan Arana, Willie Wilson, Junjun Cabatu, Mark Telan and JR Aquinoa and coached by Jong Uichico.

Update 032308 – Here’s more info about the PBA Player’s Educational Trust Fund. I initially thought it had something to do with a trust fund set up by the players to benefit kids, but apparently it’s for their peers.

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