In Nash We Trust. (And Shaq Too)

So let me tell you why I think Shaq’s Phoenix move will work. In fact, let me show you a picture of the reason why Shaq’s Phoenix move will work:

steve nash

Yes Phoenix plays helter skelter, fast paced, blink and you missed it basketball.

Conversely however, no, Phoenix can’t play grind down to the ground half-court basketball.

Yes Shaq can’t be made to run because he’s Shaq. And the Shaq don’t run.

Conversely however, no, current masquerading centers Diaw and Stoudemire cannot play ‘I’m a brick wall and you cannot go through me‘ type of basketball either, as both are really very good forwards and power forwards respectively. C’mon admit it. That’s what they are.

So what to do?

Bring in the Shaqameister. Doctor Shaq! M.D.E (Most Dominant Ever). Shaq Diesel. Shaq Fu. Shaq Daddy. Superman. The Big Aristotle. The Big Baryshnikov. The Big IPO. Wilt Chamberneazy.

Ok enough you know who I’m talking about, and it’s not the guy on the left:


And who’s gonna make this work?

steve nash

Yes yes I know. Sure they might work, but what about questions re his health? The guy’s 35 and after 4 rings, what about his hunger too?

But we can’t answer those things, really. No one can, not even Shaq himself until after he straps on and gets some games going. As far as basketball is concerned however, Shaq + Nash is about as killer a combination as you can ever hope to get. Like I said in a post about Yao, getting a big man halfway decent compared to Shaq is just about impossible in the league. So actually getting him, and getting him to play with Nash, Stoudemire, Diaw, Barbosa, Hill and Bell makes them contenders.

You’ll see.