Watching Hoops Is Exciting Again

The only thing really I can say about Gasol going to LA is – hallelujah. If there’s anything I can say in my brief stint at playing Yahoo Fantasy Basketball, it’s that the lack of quality big men, even in the most popular and most monied basketball league in the world, is appalling.

Which is to say, that should a team be lucky enough to land anyone even near the quality of a Pau Gasol, let alone that team be the currently over – achieving and always popular Lakers, then by golly that’s an incredible feat in itself. I am by no means a Lakers fan (although Kobe’s recent appearance here changed my opinion of him completely), yet even I’m excited. It’s like the whole league suddenly became interesting again by just that one move. Considering the Lakers aren’t doing so badly, they might even give the Celtics a worthy challenge. And how mind – blowing is that? LA vs. Boston all over again. My God the whole idea makes me shake in my boots.

A few more notable things re the trade:

Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley isn’t exactly the picture of acceptance over his fate. Recently he blamed John Paxson of the Bulls for the poor trade, where he says because the Bulls didn’t give up anyone big when they had the chance last year (they didn’t trade Luol Deng or Ben Gordon, but instead offered Tyrus Thomas and their first round 2007 pick, which turned out to be Joakim Noah). Instead now they get the perenially underperforming Kwame Brown, rookie Javaris Critterton and two first round draft picks. Yep, that’s what you do when you don’t get what you want – blame the other guy.

I know I don’t have to do this considering he’s off the team now, but I just wanna say Kwame Brown is one of those guys that is just painful to watch. This is his contract year but he still sucks well and truly. It hurts because there’s really no reason why he can’t seem to get it right. He turns the ball over, botches up plays and just when you think something’s about to happen he finds a way to throw up a bad shot. I just don’t get it, and now that it doesn’t look like we’ll see much more of him anymore, I’m glad I don’t have to. You just ache for the guy.

Last time I saw Marc Gasol was when brother Pau was giving him tips when they were winning FIBA. The fact that’s the only thing I remember him for, I think, is not a good sign. The dibs on him says he sinks 3 pointers and jumpers, but I really can’t recall.

And Javaris Critterton? Other than having a terrific name, he’s a rook with a total of 173 minutes making 3.3ppg and .8 apg. No it doesn’t look good.

So in conclusion? Lakers got a 6 year vet, All-Star Forward Center, 2002 ROY, 2006 FIBA World Champion and MVP. Finally, a tall guy who knows what to do with the ball. And the Grizzlies? They got two question marks, a rookie and a painful bereft of talent center 3 months away from never setting foot in the NBA.

I don’t blame Heisley, I might resort to blaming everybody else too given the way that turned out.