Fire Isiah First

Yes, yes I know, it has been weeks since I last wrote on this blog. Yes, I know I can always say ‘I’m busy.’, but hey I’ve always been busy.

Having said that, why then have I come back with a headline saying Fire Isiah and his picture afterwards? Well let me count 2 ways: a.) Exactly one year ago give or take a few hours, I made a post entitled For the love of God, Get Rid Of This Guy, and guess who I’m talking about?! That’s right, Isiahzilla himself. b.) I am a Knicks Fan. Have been, has always been. And a year ago I thought he couldn’t do worse. Now a year after, he has proven me dead wrong. He’s not only done worse, he’s given a whole new meaning to the word.

It is safe to say now that Zeek has forsaken his status as an NBA legend. And what’s worse is that management is turning a blind eye, happily losing great gobs of money while waiting for .. I dunno what he’s waiting for. Does he honestly think things can still turn around?

So anyway, here’s the deal. I’m not gonna write on this blog anymore until Isiah’s gone. Call it whimsical. Call it stupid. Call it my search for logic and idealism in this world. But more likely, it’s one stupid guy’s attempt to try to do something to bring reason and meaning to a situation that’s gone absolutely out of synch.

But there it is anyway. Fire Isiah First, then this blog will start going again. It may not count for much, but it’s what I got.