Disclaimer: The characters described herein do not in any way represent active, non-active or deceased players. The article is intended merely as a joke.

Three PBA players died and went to Heaven. Upon their arrival, St. Peter asked each one of them if they have been faithful to their wives. The first PBA player, a known playboy and a womanizer confessed that he had had three affairs after marriage and was sorry he committed them. St. Peter gave him a Volkswagen to drive in Heaven. The second PBA player, a silent but sleek operator, admitted to having one but brief love affair but was likewise sorry he committed them. St. Peter rewarded him with a sports car. The third PBA player who had been known for his sportsmanship and clean plays told St. Peter he was very honest to her wife and loved her until the moment of his death. An obviously delighted St. Peter gave him a luxury car, a Cadillac, as a reward for his faithfulness and honesty.

A week later, all three men were driving in heaven when they all stopped at red light. The two PBA players turned to the third PBA player sulking in his seat. The two players asked what was bothering him and couldn’t figure out a good reason why he was crying since he got a Cadillac. The teary-eyed player told the two players that just yesterday, he passed his wife and she was in a skateboard!