ROY Results, New MIP Polls and new Poll rules (updated)

apr042007_mip.jpgBallex has some new changes with re to our very active and well – used polls.

  • First of, an amazing 1196 people voted for our Rookie of the Year Polls. Our top three includes Chris Pacana as the a hands – down winner garnering 24%, Kelly Williams following with 19% and LA Tenorio with 13%. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in this, and many of our previous polls. You can view the complete results here.
  • Second bit of news is that we have a new Most Improved Player Polls which you might notice to the right, featuring the Tiger’s Gary David, DLSU alum Carlo Sharma with his come – from – nowhere performances, the TJ Hotdog’s young Peter June ‘PJ’ Simon, and Welcoat hotshot Denver Lopez (Welcoat does not seem have a website so sorry, no link). This poll will run for 30 days.

  • And finally, we are stepping up our polls a notch, this time requiring registration before you can vote. It’s really very simple. First, register here. After registering, go back to the front of the website so you can click your preferred MIP. In other words, once you vote, that’s it, no more. This is to assure that each and every vote is unique. Although it is possible to cheat via some elaborate scheme, we request you refrain from doing so as it will not allow us to get an accurate account. And yes we know that the Philippine elections do not work that way so ‘fairness’ might take getting used to – but hey that’s another story. =)

Thank you once again for your participation, and look forward to hearing from you in further polls!

UPDATE April 16, 2007 : We’ve decided to remove the need for registration. You can now go ahead and vote for your favorite MIP without it. Also, we’ve added new polls, so you can vote for your choice of the team in either the Eastern and Western Conferences in the NBA. So what are you waiting for? Vote now!

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