Top ten reasons for San Miguel’s early skid

  1. No Danny Seigle and no Dondon Hontiveros equals disaster.
  2. No Lordy Tugade equals double disaster.
  3. No Chot Reyes equals triple disaster.
  4. It’s the curse (and luck) of new head coach Siot Tanquincen. Remember when coach Siot joined Ginebra in 2004? The Gin Kings lost their first few games but made a timely recovery en route to winning the 2004 PBA Fiesta Cup. They’re hoping the same scenario will play out for them this conference.
  5. They still couldn’t figure out how they lost to the Gin Kings in the Philippine Cup. Their confidence is currently at an all-time low!

  1. All their players got drunk and had protruding beer bellies after management gave them a one year supply of San Miguel beer as an incentive for landing in the finals of the Philippine Cup.
  2. They found out that former import Vidal Massiah was no messiah.
  3. Paul McMillan discovered that Dorian Pena was his lost long brother and couldn’t concentrate in the game.
  4. The team caught a deadly virus from Welcoat that erases the winning mindset of their players.
  5. They’re deliberately losing all their games to gain crack at the top pick in the draft. They’re reportedly eyeing McMillan who is half-American and half-whatever.