A very unforgettable game

201 points. a 123-point blowout. 21 three pointers and a 69-point performance in just 24 minutes by an individual player. These are stuff you conjure only in dreams. Last Saturday, however, it became a reality for Lincoln University and star player Sami Wylie, and a nightmare for Ohio State Marion who probably wished they never got out of bed. The final score was 201-78. The scoreboard at the end of the game actually read Lincoln 01, Marion 78, because it wasn’t designed to go up to 200. Marion, it should be noted, had only six players in uniform.

Six Division III team records were established:

(a) most points in game

(b-c) most points scored in a half (twice) — as Lincoln scored 97 points in first half and then 104 in second half

(d) largest margin of victory (123)

(e) most shots made (78); and

(f) most shots taken (141)

The previous Division III record for points in a game was 172, set by Redlands against La Verne University on Jan. 6, 2005. Redlands also held the halftime record, which was 93 points in the same game.

Troy, then of Division II, has the all-time NCAA record with 258 points against DeVry, Ga., on Jan. 12, 1992.

Wylie, a 5-foot-11 senior guard, established a school record 69 points, including a Division III record 21 three pointers in just 24 minutes of play.

“I just felt right when I came into the gym today,” Wylie said. “When I released the ball, I could feel it off my fingertips like everything was going to go in. I looked at the scoreboard after the game and I didn’t believe it. I called people back home [in South Philadelphia] and told them and they couldn’t believe it. I won’t forget this.”

The previous largest margin of victory in a Division III game was 112 points, set by Eureka College in a 149-37 victory over Borat on Nov. 29, 1989. Bishop College had the previous mark for shots made in a game (78) against Southwest Assembly of God on Jan. 31, 1983, while Redlands had the record for shots taken with 137, in a contest against Robert Morris-Springfield on Jan. 5, 2005.

“I never saw anything like this before,” Lincoln coach Garfield Yuille said. “When it was happening, I couldn’t believe it — we couldn’t miss. Our offense is an up-tempo style, and we press the whole game. We had 48 steals and we’re up and down the court. We just kept scoring and Wylie was on fire. Wylie had 21 3s in 24 minutes. I may have seen something like it in the playgrounds.”

Lincoln coach Garfield Yuille of the number 11-ranked Lions played all 16 of his players dressed up for the game.

Wylie summed up the feeling for anyone in the gym: “This was very special. This game is something I’ll never forget. This one was a special moment for me.”