The Stat-Friendly Basketball Jerseys

teamawearNo, wearing these won’t magically increase your points, rebounds, and other whatnot. Rather, they wirelessly relay basketball stats from the player to the public.

Unbelievable? Presenting TeamAwear, “a next-generation basketball jersey which allows players to ‘wear their performance’ in order to enhance the awareness of information during game-play for all stakeholders, including: athletes, coaches, referees, and spectators.”

Having been long accustomed to traditional stat-keeping, I’m not sure as to how this new technology can supersede our old ways, or if it is even meant to supersede it. Still, kudos to TeamAwear’s makers — I’m sure this venture requires both a high degree of technical know-how and, most importantly, a passion for the game.

Designed specifically for basketball, TeamAwear consists of four basketball jerseys that are equipped with electronic displays and small computational devices. Each jersey can be wirelessly controlled to represent game-related information sources in real-time, such as the amount of individual fouls, points, scores and time alerts.

Being a computer science grad, I’m intrigued by these jerseys and will be keeping tabs on their development. Visit the TeamAwear site here.

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