PBL 2007 Silver Cup Preview

The PBL 2007 Silver Cup opened last November 11 without too much fanfare. Minus stars such as Joe Devance, Robby Reyes, Gabby Espinas, Joseph Yeo and LA Tenorio, the PBL’s appeal and popularity are expected to suffer a momentary setback. Bigger things are, however, in store for other players who haven’t seen much action last conference but have the skills and game experience to be heir apparents to the league’s departing stars.

Sam Ekwe of Magnolia will no doubt be a big attraction and his matchup with Cebuana Lhuillier’s Ken Bono will be closely watched. The progress of Samigue Eman will continue to be monitored. He will turn pro next year and his performance this season for the Super Sealers will seal his pro future. It will also be interesting how Hapee PCU responds to the challenge in their first conference without the powerful Gabby Espinas. Magnolia is the preseason bet to take home the crown not only because of the presence of NCAA ROY-MVP Sam Ekwe but also due to acquisition of ex-UE guard Bonbon Custodio and the presence of FEU’s 1-2 punch Jeff Chan and Jonas Villanueva. Harbour Centre and Cebuana Lhuillier are also two solid teams who could give Magnolia a run for its money.

Who will be the PBL’s next batch of superstars? Let’s all find out…

Please find below complete team-by-team roster and preview.

HENKEL SISTA SUPER SEALERS (formerly Rain or Shine/Welcoat)
21 Alastre, Cham 6’1″ G
92 Aldover, Kristan 6’2″ F
2 Alfad, Jam 6′ 3 F
18 Arellano, Marcy 5’10” SG
9 Bauzon, Conrad Fritz 6’1″ G
10 Bonus, Lawrence 6’7 C
14 Chua, Paul 6’2″ G
30 Ebuen, Gester 6’3″ F
12 Eman, Samigue 6’10” C
7 Gregorio, Kelvin 6’4″ C
73 Layug, Gerald 6’5″ F
15 Malabanan, Gilbert 6’3″ F
4 Misa, Kiel 5’7″ G
1 Pinera, Jonathan 6’4″ F
5 Robles, Kristoffer 5’9″ PG
6 Saldua, Eder John 6’3″ F
11 Urra, Martin 6’2″ F
Head Coach: Mr. Caloy Gacia
Asst. Coaches: Mr. Mike Buendia, Mr. Dexter Llamas, Mr. Aries Conde
Preview: The Sealers have two of tallest players in the league: 6-10 Samigue Eman and 6-7 Lawrence Bonus but they’re expected to count a pair of high-scoring guards: Marcy Arellano and Kiel Misa. UE’s Kelvin Gregorio will provide additional help in the frontcourt.

9 Aljamal, Yousif 6’4 F/C
7 Angeles, Alexander 5’10” PG
23 Barcellano, Francis 6′ 5 C
8 Bombeo, John Jeffrey 6’1 SG
6 Chan, Jeffri 6’2″ F
1 Custodio, Bonifacio 5’11” G
3 Ekwe, Sam 6’8″ C
18 Escobal, John Paul 6’0″ G
21 Gamalinda, Riego 6’3″ F
20 Jones, Gerard 6′ 4″ PF
15 Menor, Rogemar 6’4″ F/C
22 Natividad, Ricky 6′ 5″ C
14 Taganas, Jay-R 6’3″ F
2 Tecson, Eduardo 6’1″ G
– Villanueva, Jerome – G
Head Coach : Mr. Koy Banal
Asst. Coaches : Mr. Eric Gonzales, Mr. Sebastian de Vera, Mr. Jose Sison, Mr. Robert Flores, Mr. Glenn Capacio
Preview: Ekwe’s presence alone makes the Spinners a title contender. But he is not the only one who makes Magnolia spin. The Spinners return most of San Beda’s NCAA roster along with FEU’s backcourt pair Jonas Villanueva and Jeff Chan, and the exciting UE guard Bonbon Custodio. Anything less than a slot in the championship will be a disappointment for coach Koy Banal and his boys.

6 Ababou, Dylan 6’3″ F
19 Allera, Francis Philip 6’4″ C
7 Canlas, Frederick 6’9″ C
12 Cortez, Jose Jr 5’9″ G
18 Cuan, John Paul 5’10” G
16 De Guzman, Warren 6′ 3″ F
28 dela Cruz, George 6’3″ F
10 Dizon, June 6’4″ F
11 Duncil, Joselito 6’1″ G
8 Espiritu, Anthony 6’4″ F
21 Evangelista, Allan 6’3″ SF
1 Hubalde, Frederick 6’1″ G
22 Santos, McDonald 6’4″ C
17 Taylor, Chester 6’5″ C
5 Uzbintondo, Josh 6’0″ G
Head Coach: Mr. Alfredo Jarencio
Asst. Coaches: Mr. Rhuel Acot, Mr. Julian Rabbi Tomacruz, Mr. Emanuel Calipes, Mr. Edwin Escobar, Mr. Rodil Sablan, Mr. Gina Francisco
Preview: Coach Pido Jarencio hopes his magic rubs on Kettle Korn in his maiden PBL campaign but he has to make do without 6-5 Jervy Cruz. Jarencio will, however, have the rest of the Growling Tigers such as Japs Cuan, Jojo Duncil, Dylan Ababou, Allan Evangelista and Anthony Espiritu under his fold. Stratospheric center 6-9 Derrick Canlas will make a return trip to the PBL after playing previously for Shell and San Miguel in the PBA.

18 Ballesteros, Jason 6’6″ C
17 Bravo, Michael 6’2″ G
32 Buenafe, Ronjay 6’1 OG
21 Canizares, Jorel 6’2″ F
6 Coyukang, Kenneth 6’5″ C
15 David, Nestor 6′ 3″ F
11 del Rosario, Jerby 6’5″ C
9 Espiritu, Elmer 6’4″ F
33 Pribhdas Jr., Danilo 6′ 0 OG
4 Quinahan, JR 6’6″ C
77 Te, Wynsjohn 5’11 G
8 Viray, Jim Bruce 6’4″ F
3 Yambao, Marvin – –
Head Coach: Mr. Lawrence Chongson
Asst. Coaches: Mr. Renaldo Baena, Mr. Alan Gregorio
Preview: The Comets have probably one of the most imposing frontcourt lineup in the league. At center, 6-6 JR Quinahan is not known as Baby Shaq for nothing. He is one of amateur basketball’s best low post players. He is backstopped by the likes of Nestor David, Jim Viray, Elmer Espiritu and Kenneth Coyukang.

7 Amparado, Liztian 5’11” F
12 Belga, Beau 6’5″ C
16 Borboran, Mark 6’3″ F
9 Bucao, Ronald – –
23 Butel, Philip 6’7″ C
17 Castro, Jason 5’8 PG
3 David, Robbe 5’11” G
4 Garrido, Ian 6’4 F
11 Hugnatan, Roel 6’3″ F
14 Larong, Ardy 6’3 G/F
8 Moreno, Mark 5’9″ G
15 Navarro, Lemar 6’3″ F
12 Razon, James 6′ 6 C
5 Rodriguez, Larry 6’4″ PF
1 Sanz, Robert 6’3 G/F
Head Coach: Mr. Agripino Jan Noel
Asst. Coaches: Mr. Joel Dualan, Mr. Bong Sales, Mr. Bong Pineda
Preview: What is life after Gabby Espinas? Hapee Toothpaste finds that out in their first conference without the first NCAA ROY MVP. Larry Rodriguez and Mark Borboran hope to fill the slack left by Espinas but it is the backcourt pair of Robert Sanz and Jason Castro who will continue to be relied on for points and backcourt leadership.

6 Alcaraz, Paul 5’11 PG
7 Baluyot, Chris 6′ 3 G/F
9 Cabahug, Patrick 6’2″ G
6 Coronel, Christian 5′ 9 PG
12 Cruz, Marvin 5’8″ G
7 Daa, Dennis 6’4″ PF
29 Dedicatoria, Floyd 6’4″ F
3 Fajardo, Marco 6’2″ G/F
5 Faundo, Brian 6’5″ C
7 Guevarra, Rey 6’2″ G
– Jaime, Chito – –
11 Jazul, RJ 5’11 G
21 Quinday, Miko 6’3″ F
10 Rodriguez, Eric 6’4 F
16 Yabut, Don 6′ 8 C
Head Coach: Mr. Francisco Luis “Louie” Alas
Assistant Coaches: Mr. Ariel Vanguwardia, Mr. Mel Alas, Mr. Elmer Latonio, Mr. Kris Reyes, Mr. Cesar Polhen
Preview: Toyota will not be playing Boyet Bautista and Aaron Aban who have migrated to the pros. They will also miss out the services of Joe Devance who decided to return back the states after his application in the 2006 PBA Draft got nixed. Devance was a PBL MVP last year and his spot will, no doubt, be hard to replace. To compensate, Toyota hired Marvin Cruz, Floyd Dedicatoria and Patrick Cabahug.

17 Abadia, Mark 6’3″ G
7 Bono, Karl Kenneth 6’6″ C
13 Buyco, Ira 6’4″ F
16 Co, Sean 6’1″ G
9 Dela Cuesta, Erick 6′ 2 F
11 Dulay, Don 5’8″ PG
15 Escalona, Mark 5’11” PG/
33 Gonzales, Joferson 6’2″ F
18 Kramer, Doug 6′ 4″ F
12 Mendoza, Rey 6′ 4 C
8 Oreta, Emerson 6′ 2″ G
1 Santos, Abraham 6’4″ F
6 Tagupa, Ramil 5’8 PG
5 Uy, Nicole 6′ 3″ F
38 Yee, Mark 6’3 F
Head Coach: Mr. Luigi Trillo
Asst. Coaches: Mr. Richard Sales, Mr. Rene “Bong” Hawkins Jr., Mr. Mike Braga
Preview: Cebuana Lhuillier will parade UAAP MVP Ken Bono along with Ateneo boys Doug Kramer and Macky Escalona. Veterans Abby Santos, Nicole Uy, Eric de la Cuesta and Joferson Gonzales will provide additional help in the backcourt and frontcourt positions. It would have been nice if more Cebuano players had made the roster. From what I can see, coach Luigi Trillo decided to field in most of his Adamson players and a bunch of role players to surround Bono.

20 Alonzo, Richard 6’4 F
4 Arana, – 6’1″ PG
23 Asoro, Edwin 6’2″ F
30 Capati, Ronald 6’5 C
18 Coching, Jay-A 6′ 2″ F
4 Dy, Ryan 5′ 8 G
12 Fernandez, Jonathan 6’2″ G
16 Gaco, Jerwin 6’3″ F
12 Gamboa, Allan 6′ 5 C
8 Juntilla, Reed Friar 6’1 G
5 Lanete, Chico 6’0″ G
– Lingao-lingao, Joseph – na
15 Mesina, Jenkins 6′ 3″ F
7 Ortiguerra, Marvin 6’5″ C
33 Raymundo, Angelus 6’5″ C
11 Saguindel, Earn 5’8″ PG
19 Vergara, Al 5’7″ PG
Head Coach: Mr. Jorge Gallent
Asst. Coaches: Mr. Richard del Rosario, Mr. Nel Parado, Mr. Ryan Dy
Preview: The Portmasters lost two level-A players in LA Tenorio and Joseph Yeo to the pros but are optimistic they could snag another PBL title. They are pinning their hopes on acquisition Jonathan Fernandez and Chico Lanete who failed to make the cut in the Brgy. Ginebra lineup. Edwin Asoro and Jerwin Gaco will provide defensive intensity on the frontcourt.