Best Basketball League?

College players are supposed to aspire to become pros, but our Pro league, the very first in Asia, is a yawner and the cameraman can’t find enough angles to hide the empty seats.

Meanwhile, both College leagues are so exciting they regularly fill up Araneta Coliseum to the rafters. A Champion’s league that puts winners of each team together is knocking on the door to fame, but what about the many Amateur leagues that are supposed to do the same?

Then finally, there’s the question of where to go to get players for the International Events. There are the pros, but they’ve not done a good job so far, and are hampered by Company commitments. There are the amateurs, but which league to get from?

And so rises the question: Which league is the most worthwhile, the most exciting, whose turnout is the most interesting, which has the teams most fired up to play in? In short:

What is the BEST Basketball League in the Philippines?

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11 thoughts on “Best Basketball League?”

  1. The UAAP hands down. It has everything:
    1. Rivalries – (ADMU vs DLSU)
    2. Dynasties – UST 93-96, DLSU 98-01
    3. Feel-good underdog stories ADMU 2002, UST
    4. The BEST Players/Coaches past & present: Ildefonso, Tugade, Jaworski, Caidic, Abarientos,Dalupan, Aric Del Rosario, Yap, etc
    5. The best cheer groups: UST Salinggawi (5-peat)
    6. Heart stopping last second shots: Kramer last shot vs UST, Gec Chia’s shot vs UE, Bal David’s 2 Fts vs DLSU, Mico Roldan’s one hander shot vs ADMU (not sure) , Aldeguer’s 3 vs UST, etc…..

    7. The players give it their all every time they are on the court..I know its an age old cliche but its true.

  2. I remember back in the day… When I was at this Intramuros school, my P.E. Instructors REQUIRED us to attend NC-Double-A games to watch our school/basketball play. That was our attendance. Mind you the ticket aint free. NCAA Rocks!

  3. college ball still the best! fans and players alike are fighting for school pride and honor…nothing beats that! I followed the PBA when i was still a kid, it was because Jawo and company played their hearts out every game. And that’s what the college ball are giving us right now!

  4. Even in the NBA, the US NCAA is worth watching because of how collegiate players play their hearts out each game. The defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association or the MBA, with its regional concept, was a success early on and would have had the bragging rights to this title: it had a solid fan base, partnered with a giant network (abs-cbn), good players, games were exciting, and there were classic rivalries (negros vs cebu, manila vs laguna). Too bad it didn’t last long. The URBL and the NBC lack the glitter of the MBA.

  5. Its a toss-up between UAAP and NCAA.
    The NCAA has the edge right now as it treats the press and photojournalists mush better, the meals are better and they do not have too much politics – only good old basketball

  6. The NCAA is a lot better in terms of brand of play. The UAAP just have all the sponsors right now.Their games are finesse. Finesse style of plays are only good in the regular season. It don’t win championships. In the UAAP it wins championships because that is the only one they have. The UAAP is popular because of ATENEO and DLSU, but don’t forget they came from the NCAA. Both schools made the UAAP where it is today. Ask Alumni from the 50s to the 70s of all participating schools in the NCAA then. They know the NCAA’s popularity was well known. The poularity and glamour of the UAAP today is nothing compared to the OLD NCAA. Both Ateneo and La Salle I blame for leaving the league. The youngsters of the participating schools in the UAAP the past 15 years thinks the NCAA stinks, but the NCAA finals attendance never went down to 1,500 compared to the UAAP before Ateneo and La Salle joined them. DIE HARD NCAA.

  7. ncaa doesnt have class at all.. dt is why ateneo & la salle chose to pursue their rivalry in the uaap. ncaa policy sucks in terms of the eligiblities of a player coming from othr school. they let transferies play ball right away and ders no need for a residencies. dey do dis bcuz dey want to attract exciting players to kip themselves close to the best!(uaap of course). The best universities in the country is in the the uaap (ateneo,DLSU,UP,UST). PBA is just GINEBRA, where ginebra goes is where the pba goes! So ginebra shud always win to keep the league alive.!

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