What are Your Fave Basketball Teams?

Everybody’s got one, that one team you’d yell your hearts out for, the one team that makes your day when they win, the one team that makes you cry like a juvenile when they lose. Heck, some of us even have one such team for every basketball league we keep tabs on!

Here are my picks:


I live in a basketball crazy family. (That family is composed of two guys — me and my dad). Reared up to be a Purefoods fan since childhood, I grew up watching the Captain Alvin Patrimonio, the Defense Minister Jerry Codinera, and their reliable cast rack up the titles and individual awards.

I watched them evolve from the TJ Hotdogs, to the Coney Island Ice Cream Stars, to the Corned Beef Cowboys, to the Carne Norte Beefies, and to the present Chunkee Giants. Of all the Purefoods’ imports, these are the names I can easily remember — Redfield, Thirdkill, Taylor, Elisma, Wood, Cooke, and the magical Derrick Brown.

Currently, I’m still exuberant over their recent Philippine Cup championship, and the fact that their future looks bright with James Yap, Kerby Raymundo, and Marc Pingris heading the pack.


Two words: Chicago Bulls. Call me stereotypical, but as a child I idolized His Airness. Because my dad is a Knicks fan, we’d always get into arguments during the Bull’s glory years, as NY was one of their perennial rivals for the Eastern Conference crown.

The rebuilding years were painful, but with the Bulls making the playoffs recently, this kid is a happy man again. Go Ben Gordon, Ben Wallace, Kirk Hinrich, Andres Nocioni, Luol Deng, and the rest of the Bulls!

[Current team that’s also close to the heart: Miami Heat (or any team that will have Dwyane Wade on it)]


I recently graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman, which makes my fave collegiate team fairly obvious. I’m a true blue Maroon (what a clash of colors). Though UP hasn’t really made an impact in the league these past five years, I’m quite happy with the current young and extremely talented roster eager to wage war in the next three years.

Want shooters? There’s Migs de Asis and Caidic-like Martin Reyes for you. Want a versatile four who can bang bodies inside, shoot the trey, and posseses quite an array of inside moves? Woody Co is your man. Want another forward who cleans the boards well, finishes a drive quite perfectly, and has an outside shot as well? That’s VJ Serios, billed by commentators as an anchor for the next UP campaigns. And finally, if and when 6’7″ Pangasinense Magi Sison becomes a serious inside threat, then the Fighting Maroons might just make it to the final dance again.


Some might find it weird for a UAAP guy like me to have an NCAA fave. My dad’s from San Beda College, so I grew up rooting for the Red Lions. It also helps that my favorite color is red! 😛

Their current lineup is unbelievable — I believe they’re a well-balanced team prime for a title. Sure, Sam Ekwe is great, but people tend to forget that Aljamal and Escobal are also playing spectacular ball. And there have even been times that Maggay (the back-up center) plays better than the Nigerian behemoth. But still, let’s admit — SBC would be a lot weaker without Ekwe. That’s why I am an Ekwe fan, too!


The now-defunct MBA. You’ve forgotten the name? The Metropolitan Basketball Association was an erstwhile rival to the PBA, and in its first few years it generated a lot of excitement in the archipelago. I was one of those peeps who were thrilled by the new league. And the team I rooted for was the Manila Metrostars. (Fellow Bisayans, don’t nail me to the cross for this — I was born and raised here in the Metro. Probably if there was an Aklan squad…)


I consider myself to be a pseudo-Hellenist, a lover of ancient Greek culture. I guess this has somehow rubbed off onto my passion for basketball. Ever since they won the European championships, I’ve been a fan of the Hellas basketball team. Even if they recently lost to the Spaniards in the FIBA finals, Greece remains the apple of my eye in international ball.

[If the Philippine national team was actively participating in FIBA-sanctioned events instead of being banned all along, this would be a different article…well, with the ban just lifted, let’s see how far we can go.]


So, there you have it. How about your favorite basketball squads? Do let us hear about them.

7 thoughts on “What are Your Fave Basketball Teams?”

  1. PBA: i’ve only been a fan of two PBA teams, specifically the Paras/Magsanoc powered Shell and the early 90s SMB team with Calma, Fernandez and Samboy Lim. Man those were exciting times, especially during the Shell vs. Ginebra and SMB vs. Purefoods days. Special mention would probably be Eugene Quilban’s Pepsi as he was a neighbor in Mandaluyong and we would play pick up games, and Allan Caidic’s Presto and maybe the UTEX Wranglers, but was I too young na then. Haaay brings you back.

    MBA: Never got into the MBA to care, really. Sayang yun.

    UAAP: Animo!

    NCAA: Other than my friend Gary Topacio’s MIT championship winning team in the early 90’s, that’s fairly it. He was the captain, and I think he outdid A. Patrimonio as he was able to win the championship. I happened to speak with his Coach J. Banal when we interviewed T-Mac together, and he told me a lot of interesting stuff about that, including insights when he was coach of the Blue Eagles last 2002. I’m determined to continue that conversation and get it on tape.

    NBA: I’ve been a New York Knickerbockers fan since I can remember, but I also enjoyed the Pacers a lot. I like teams with clear, fiery personalities, usually personified by their top players. Obviously I am very disappointed with Isiah Thomas.

    UAAP – UP, La Salle (idol Ren Ren Ritualo!), Ateneo (idol Magnum Membrere!)
    PBA – San Miguel and wherever Ren Ren goes

  3. oh i forgot the FIBA! The Argentinians are definitely my fave.

    ever since I saw a young Ginobili shooting unconscious layups, threes and js one after the other and slamming it home in the 2001 Americas I was just completely stunned, and hooked.

    having said that, i’m disappointed they didn’t seem to play very well in this last Worlds. They’re essentially the same team, but they kept going to Manu and their offense became predictable. Manu is terrific, but after studying him you’ll realize he’s fairly one-dimensional (almost exclusively left-handed) and therefore can be defended against.

  4. NCAA: SAN BEDA…Animo!(“for san beda, our country and God!”)**champion** _PUSO_

    UAAP: ATENEO…i pray they’d win the uaap championship title..One big fight!

    PBA: San Miguel..(go olsen!)

    NBA: Miami Heat..(go dwain wade!)

  5. NBA: Boston Celtics FOREVER!!!
    PBA: Ginebra San Miguel (i’ve been a Jawo fan since God knows when)
    UAAP: UP Fighting Maroons (to bad Marvin Cruz completed his eligibility)
    NCAA: ???
    FIBA: Greece (i just love shooters)

  6. PBA:purefoods,red bull & T&T(nANDUN KC CNA Ren2x,Marc Pingris & Larry Fonacier)
    UAAP:xmpre Ateneo & La Salle..vry memorble ung nngyari sa Dream Games
    NBA:Spurs tlga

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