Who would've thunked?

The Mavs and Suns win – and seven people out of sixteen (including myself), who voted for the Spurs are DEAD WRONG! Here’s the tally as of today, May 23, 2006:

Spurs 7.04
Mavs 4.96
Suns 3.04
Clipps 0.96
total = 16

As for the East, most everyone (including me thankfully) got it right:

Pistons 7.05
Heat 4.95
Cavs 1.95
Nets 1.05
total = 15

look to your right to check out the new poll! Obviously it’s Mavs vs. Suns and Pistons vs. Heat. So what are you waiting for? Rise to the challenge! Reach deep inside! Think long and hard!



(Then tell us why below!)