What's up with the Suns?

Most coaches agree that for the most part, you only have to maintain a decent score throughout the game. The only time a lead really counts is during the last two minutes of the fourth quarter, where you go all or nothing.

I agree. I’ve seen teams roar to 20 point leads leading into halftime, losing half by the start of the 4th, then BAMMM they’re chasing the lead coming into the last two. Those last two minutes are where it’s at.

The Playoffs I think, is your last two minutes of sorts for the whole NBA season. You got guys going boom boom boom all regular season, then come into the last stretch frantically checking their pockets for any ammo left.

And now, let’s talk SUNS.

Let’s talks SUNS (1), LAKERS (3).

And let’s think about that last two minute analogy I just wrote. Let’s talk Kobe, doing Kobe things like gunning down three heart stopping jumpers, one to force overtime, the other to get to a point behind, and the last with 6.1 seconds left, for a Kobe-like right side jumper to win in a spectacular 99-98 Laker victory at home over the visiting Suns.

Here’s the Nestle Crunch Time Stat:

On Sunday, Kobe Bryant sent Game 4 of the Lakers-Suns series into overtime on a driving layup with 0.7 ticks left on the clock. Unfortunately for Phoenix, Kobe’s display was merely the undercard of the main event that would follow. With 11.7 seconds remaining in OT, Bryant converted on a swooping layup to bring L.A. to within one, at 98-97. Then, after recovering a jump ball from Luke Walton, Bryant drove to the right elbow and drilled a 17-foot fadeaway to clinch the Lakers’ 99-98 victory. Bryant tallied 11 Nestlé Crunch Time Points.

I dont know, but maybe the Suns shouldn’t prepare for the playoffs, and just pretend its still the regular season so they’d play like the #2 seed that they are. Or maybe they should look to their lineup and find someone there who’s hungry and hasn’t played much the regular season. Maybe find another Tim Thomas.

Or maybe they should group hug and watch “Any Given Sunday” for inspiration. Or whatever. How should I know? If the better basketball brains at Phoenix can’t figure it out you think I can?


The Phil. Daily Inquirer’s Al S. Mendoza had an article re above game that made it to the top of the selection at Google New’s Sports index and that’s where I found it from.

I used to idolize Mr. Mendoza, along with Recah Trinidad. But truth to tell, Mr. Mendoza’s writing style has gone to the dogs. His articles are weird, hard to follow, and interjected with personal details that no one gets aside from himself and what appears to be his close friends. He even has greetings underneath, in this case, a message re someone’s departure that while unfortunate, is still a personal message best left outside of his oft-read column.

Your articles are on the internet now, sir. I mean, what’s up with the GREETINGS for chrissake.

Postnote #2:

Check out the http://nba.com/suns. Inspired stuff (as of this writing).