Yao Ming Tries Out world's Tallest Crutches

Yao Ming Tries Out world's Tallest CrutchesJust kidding. Actually Yao Ming broke his foot at a (useless) game against Utah last April 10, Monday.

And according to The Malaysian Star, the Chinese aren’t too happy about the resulting 6 month layoff. Some excerpts:

“When I heard this news, I was very surprised,” said member Zhang Mingji. “I wondered whether the American media had got it wrong.” – from Yao Ming’s official cheer squad Team Yao.

“It is our national team that has been injured!” – a distressed fan in an Internet chat room.

“(Van Gundy) disabled Yao Ming! He’s more vicious than a capitalist!” – a disappointed fan.

“The Rockets are already out of the playoffs… yet Yao still plays… Firmly support (Van Gundy’s) sacking!”

Ah but to have fans, and not just any fan, but a Yao Ming fan at that.

Seriously, this puts in jeopardy China’s hopes in the upcoming World Championships with Menk Bateer and Wang Zhizhi also out with injuries.

But what really interests me is how the Chinese slam Van Gundy. No it’s not that I don’t like the guy. I just thrills me to hear someone use “vicious capitalist” to insult someone. I mean, who says that anymore?


Yaoming.net actually leads to Yaomingfanclub.com, and I gotta say this is probably one of the best player’s website I’ve ever laid eyes on, albeit I haven’t really seen much of the competition yet.

Incidentally, yaoming.com however, goes to a “web based health care” site. Wonder how that got through.

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  1. Can’t blame them Chinese on slamming Mr. Van Gundy. Another point to ponder: Yao finally gets All-star worthy numbers, but his team lost. A lot. The way that it was attributed to T-Mac’s injury only adds insult, because one only has to look across the desert to see an Amare-less Suns winning the Pacific division.

    Let’s face it, the players (specifically the guards) that JVG has does not fit his style. Either all the players must go, or he does.

    IMHO again. 😉

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