Jaemark Finally Writes Ball

Jaemark is a friend I used to play ball with. He is also one of the writers I respect from way back, whose blog influenced me to get one of my own. The fact I live off of blogs these days means I owe the guy somewhat, and so I’ve actually done him a disservice for taking so long to publish this.

And so without further ado, I bring to you my interview of Jaemark, the man behind the subtly titled FireQuinito.com

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I'm Looking For A Few Good Writers

Do you love the game? Just answer me that. Mind you, I’m not asking if you know how to analyze, or if you understand statistics, or if you are familiar with player’s stats and personal lives inside and out. Those come after the most important thing – true passion for the game.

I am looking for new writers to represent universities and colleges of the UAAP and NCAA. While these are the priority, if you are a great fan of the PBA or PBL and its teams, you are also welcome to join.

Convince me by writing to ghmercado@gmail.com, how passionate you are about writing basketball. In your own words, tell me why Maroon is your fave color, why schools beside Mendiola produce better guards, why Green flows through your blood, why you fly like an Eagle when your team plays, or why you’re offended that I didn’t include your school in this sentence. THIS IS NOT A WRITING CONTEST, so don’t wax poetic. This is also a PAYING GIG, part – time and work from anywhere, so it’ll be worth your while.

Any age, gender, alumni or student, with or without writing experience is welcome. You can also write in Tagalog or English.

As long as you love the game.

btw all entries are confidential.