Today's Prediction: Phi over Orl; Hou over Por; Chi over Bos

And now, to explain myself:

Phi vs. Orl – Orlando leads 3-2. I’m going for Phi here because a. I like how Igoudala’s been playing the past few weeks. Yes I know that’s certainly not enough to say they’ll win. What does give them a good chance is b. Dwight Howard is suspended for an altercation with Samuel Dalembert. Orlando’s gonna have to do something big to make up for losing Howard. Howard however, has learned a valuable lesson: In order to get anywhere in the playoffs, you gotta keep your cool.

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Alaska in 5

By now it’s obvious. Alaska is clearly outclassing Talk N’ Text, and not by doing anything particularly outstanding on their own. Oh of course they are playing well, and by that I mean they are executing their plays and generally carrying out an overall plan. In pressure situations when everything is helter skelter, they keep their act together, and when they do screw up as all teams inevitably do, they manage to address it quickly so as not to derail them from their ultimate goal.

Sharp contrast is the term I use for the other side. Talk N’ Text can and does come out breathing fire at times, but it is largely unsustainable. This 2nd game, Ren-Ren Ritualo looked close to expending himself to score points for his team. While the effort is laudable he will obviously need to work with everyone else at some point, and sadly this was not the case.

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Lakers In Six.

Why do I make predictions? I think it’s because I just like pain. Another reason is, possibly, because I occasionally get it right. But primarily I think it’s just a fun thing to do. Obviously I analyze the hell out of every game I watch, and inspite of missing the last two (due to an unscheduled weekend vacation), I can’t help but think of the Celtics and the Lakers just because I’m weird that way.

And so I predict: Lakers in Six Games. Alternatively, Lakers in Seven. Here’s why:

Better Coaching: Phil Jackson is the Yogi of Coaching, the Coachest with the Mostest, the Man with the Plan, the.. you get the point. And his winning key? The triangle. The amazing great equalizer of basketball techniques that can turn guys like Luc Longley into a three – ring NBA Champion. There’s nothing more underestimated in sports than coaching, with fans usually only looking at individual incidents or plays players do on the court. But the real heart and soul, the motivator, the instigator, the long term planner and molder of the team is the coach, always has been and always will be, and in this case my money’s on the Zen Master.

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